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How To Get Rid Of Manure Smells

Do you always smell animal manure and urea near your house? Are you sick of dealing with this foul manure odor every day? Animal manure smells naturally bad because of all the dirt and bacteria it contains. If you have a barn or live near a barn, the smell can get really strong because of the combined waste of different animals.

Although manure will always stay as foul-smelling waste, you can still do something to, at least, lighten up its odor and freshen up the air a bit. If you want to get rid of manure smell, here are some helpful tips for you.

The proper ventilation

If you are a barn owner and you always deal with manure smell, then your ventilation system might not be installed properly. If you have a well-ventilated barn, the manure smell and other smell from the barn will automatically be drawn away by the circulating air. If it seems that the air is not circulating properly, you should have your ventilation system checked up. Also, if you do not have exhaust fans, it might be a good idea to invest on these products.

If you happen to be a resident living near a barn that smells of manure, you can ask the barn owner to do something about his ventilation system since it is out of your control.

Cool air

Warm temperature can worsen the manure smell. Check your house or barn temperature. If it is too hot, you might want to keep the electric fan or air conditioner running. If the manure is situated outside your home and the weather is just naturally sunny, you can get some soil and cover the manure to stop the manure odor from rising in the air.

Keep the animals in the best shape

Healthy animals will most likely discharge less smelly manure. In order to avoid foul manure smell, you should choose wisely the food that you give to the animals.

Proper animal hygiene can also help lessen the manure smell. Give the animals the proper bath they need. This will rid them of the manure and other dirt that has stuck to their skin. Also, you can avoid having encounters with parasites if you keep your animals in best shape.

Clean the animal shelter

An untidy animal shelter will not just promote manure smell, but it will also invite bacteria and germs that can double up the bad odor coming from animal waste. To avoid encountering suffocating manure smell, you should keep the animal shelter clean and organized. If you do this, not only will you be getting rid of manure smell, your animals will also be happier.

Create a compost pit

Animal manure can be great fertilizers. Instead of letting them sit around the ground to annoy people with its nasty smell, you can make them useful by turning them into fertilizers. You can find a location around the neighborhood that is not frequented by visitors. Remember to ask permission from your local government to use the location if no one owns the lot. If the place is safe, dig a small pit around it. Whenever you see smelly animal manure around, you can remove and place it on a garbage bag. Then, throw the manure over the pit. Once you have filled the hole, you can cover it with soil and let the manure nourish the soil.

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