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How To Get Rid Of Maple Tree Saplings

Maple trees can give off a lot of benefits. In fact, many homeowners want maple trees to be planted on their yard. However, there are some cases when maple tree saplings can become bothersome. If you have a lovely yard that consist of specific plants that you take care of, the sudden appearance of maple tree saplings can make your head ache, especially if the saplings start to grow in places where they are not supposed to be at.

Removing maple trees can require a lot of effort and patience. Because maple trees are generally sturdy, getting rid of the saplings, even small ones, is quite hard to do. But, although maple tree saplings can be a pain to remove, it is very possible to remove it from your yard. If you are having problems with these sprouting trees, here are some things you can do to get rid of maple tree saplings.

Manual uprooting

The most effective way to get rid of maple tree saplings is to manually uproot these sprouts. If the saplings are still young, it will not be too hard removing them. Just put on your protective gloves and pull those maple tree saplings from your yard. If it seems that the saplings are quite difficult to pull, you can soak the soil first to loosen it up. Just flood the area where the maple tree saplings are. Then, wait until the soil absorbs the water. Once it has become quite muddy, it will be easier to uproot the saplings.

Dig them up

If you cannot pull the saplings even though you have soaked the soil, you might need to dig around the maple tree saplings first. Just get a gardening spoon and dig the soil around the growing maple tree. Be careful when digging because you might accidentally break those roots which can make it even harder to get rid of. Once the roots are already visible, try pulling the maple tree saplings again. Remember not to wiggle the saplings because they might snap and break if you exert too much force.

Give them away

The good thing about removing the maple tree saplings from the roots is that you can replant the saplings to another place. If there is still a vacant area in your lot, you can replant the sapling there. After all, planting trees can help save Mother Earth. But if you really do not want the maple tree saplings, instead of disposing them, you can look for people who are interested with maple trees and just give the saplings to them.

Use herbicides

Herbicides such as Roundup prove to be effective when it comes to killing maple tree saplings. Be sure to read and understand the instruction on how to administer the herbicide that you choose to use. Prepare yourself by wearing protective gear. Just go out on your yard and spray the herbicide directly on the maple tree saplings.

If you have other plants in the yard, you should use selective herbicides to avoid killing other plants and trees around. Also, you must watch out for the weather forecast because using herbicide on windy or rainy days can lessen its effectiveness.

Gardener to the rescue

If the maple tree sapling is already in the last stage of its youth, you can ask a gardener to help you get rid of it. You might need to pay some cash for the gardener’s services but it will make your work much easier.

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