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How To Get Rid of Matted Dog Hair

When keeping pets, the more attractive they are, the more lovable they can be. This is true especially on dogs. A well-bred dog eats healthy food, exercises daily, and is groomed to perfection. All owners will want their pet looking great and staying at the best shape possible. A problem with the dog will also be a problem to the owner. However, problems come and go and there’s no way to avoid them completely. When a dog reaches a certain age, many things change like its health, size, and even its hair. This also means that maintenance must also change to coincide with your pet and optimize their overall health. From the food they eat to the grooming methods, teaching new tricks and so forth. The connection between man and dog, are one of the most magical things that happen today. That is until you have nightmares about your dog’s hair.

Matted hair is a real problem that will keep bothering you time and again. No matter how well you take care of your dog, or how many times you groom them, matted hair is always a threat. Though most of the time it won’t bother your dog, it will worsen and spread if not treated right away. Dogs with longer hair will have this problem more often but if you follow what the tips below, you can take care of matted dog hair. Here are some things you can do to get rid of matted dog hair.

Use your fingers

Use your fingers and try to break apart the mat. It should work in smaller sections, but do mind that hair pulling can hurt your dog so don’t forget to be gentle. It will be harder if your dog runs off due to the pain so it is advised that you do this with due care. Try to have your friend distract the dog with other things while you try and remove the mat with your fingers.

Sprinkle cornstarch

If you have some in your household, sprinkle powdered cornstarch on the matted area and try running your fingers on the matted dog hair again. The cornstarch can help soften up matted hair.

Get coat detangler

The cornstarch should be sufficient, but if it fails into breaking the mat, go to your local pet store and purchase a coat detangler. Simply follow the instructions written on the coat detangler’s label.

Comb it

Once the mat is fairly broken, use your slicker comb to work on the mat by starting on the root and working down to the tips. To prevent hurting your dog by pulling, hold on to the base of the mat.

Trim the mat

For the stubborn mats, use scissors. You can just simply trim those matted dog hair that you cannot manage. Be careful when trimming your dog’s hair though.

When cutting your dog’s hair, you can use witch hazel to avoid itchiness and discomfort that your pooch may feel. Use witch hazel by moistening the cotton ball with it and applying it to the area that has to be cut.

Take your dog to the pet shop

Most owners just take their pets to pet shops to be groomed. It will cost some money but you will be guaranteed that your dog will look great again within just about an hour.

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