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How To Get Rid Of Mexican Bean Beetles

Mexican bean beetle is a type of pest beetle that enjoys destroying a nice patch of bean plants. They can turn a beautifully grown garden into a messy lot in just a short span of time. That is why if you are a person with a green thumb, you should treat Mexican bean beetles as one of your unwelcomed guests. Of course, that is if you do not want your hard work to turn into nothing!

Mexican bean beetles are moderately easy to get rid of. There are several ways that you can do to kill Mexican bean beetles. You just need the proper equipments, patience and determination, and those Mexican bean beetles will go away. If you are tired of dealing with these pesky beetle pests, here are some things you can do to get rid of Mexican bean beetles.

Assess the damage

Measuring how much damage the Mexican bean beetle has done in your garden is the first step in removing them. By knowing the extent of the damage, you will be able to know which removal methods to do. Of course, the bigger the damage is, the more advanced the removal technique should be. To identify how much has been infested by the Mexican bean beetles, just go over your garden and check your plants, especially those plants form the bean family. Chew marks, dead leaves and stems are some of the most common signs of pest infestation.

Clean up the infested plants

Once a plant has been heavily damaged, it might be better to just remove it from the roots and throw the plant away. So for those plants that have more damaged leaves than fresh, green ones, simply uproot them and throw them in the garbage. Then, if you spot the Mexican bean beetles, manually pick them up and seal them all in a container. Remember to use gloves and other protective gears when doing this method.

Invite animals that eat them up

If you are too busy doing other things, you can just leave the Mexican bean beetle removal to other predators. Frogs and birds feed on Mexican bean beetles. That is why if you invite them into your lot, they will do the job of killing those unwanted Mexican bean beetles. You can create a house for frogs and let them stay in your lot until those Mexican bean beetles have been eliminated. You can also just throw bird foods whenever you see some hovering around or you can get some birds and make them as your beetle-killer pets.

Use floating row cover

A floating row cover is a very lightweight material that is used to cover plants like beans. All you have to do is set up the cover to protect your plants and vegetables from the damaging works of those Mexican bean beetles.

Spray insecticides

The use of insecticides is not recommended when you are dealing with food crops. But if the infestation is just too much, you can use a little amount of insecticide to kill those Mexican bean beetles. You can also look for organic insecticide or insecticidal soap that you can safely use for your plants.

Call a gardener

Mexican bean beetles are not really harmful to people but they can bring chaos to your garden. If you were not able to get rid of the Mexican bean beetles after following the tips above, it might be best to call a gardener for help.

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