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How To Get Rid Of Mirror Scratches

Mirrors have so many uses for so many people. They could function quite differently from one person to another. Other people like the authorities have their own special mirrors at their interrogation halls while fashion models have big ones right in their own home. Drivers also have mirrors on their cars that help them on the road. Nevertheless, it is quite fragile and can be very deadly in pieces. A shard of mirror is enough to cut through your skin. Whether you use a mirror for yourself or others, it is fact that they are breakable and easily damaged. One little scratch could ruin the whole thing. For this reason, you need to look out for are the tiny scratches. These tiny scratches can turn your precious mirrors into shards of disaster and danger.

Mirrors should be taken care of carefully. When moving them from one place to another, one must look out if the mirror itself will come into contact with other objects at any given moment. The task itself requires certain dexterity to get it done right. What if your mirror caught scratches? Most people would throw a fuss away without looking for a fix. While mirror scratches seem unfixable, there are ways to fix them but only to a certain extent. It can’t be back to the perfect one piece that they were before, but you can restore it close to that part. Do note that this might only work if the damage isn’t too severe or complicated. It may work for others while not for some people. It all depends on the condition of the mirror itself. Some of these steps require different items to be applied. This article will show you a method of how to get rid of mirror scratches.

Conceal the scratch

While permanent repair is impossible, you can use a jeweler’s rouge to try and conceal these scratches. They work by buffing and shining metals but can also be used to smooth and diminish your mirror back into a beautiful piece of work. Apply the rouge to the scratch and use a lambwool pad to buff it in circular motion. Repeat until he scratches are gone. Then wash with a solution of water with a hint of ammonia.

Use toothpaste

The most common of the household materials you can use is toothpaste. Toothpaste has hidden qualities that can help buff and smooth out scratches on a mirror. Be gentle and careful while applying the toothpaste into the mirror. Get some on your fingertips and rub it vigorously over the scratch. If you are afraid to get injured, wear gloves. Repeat until the scratch disappears.

Fill it with nail polish

Nail polish also works wonders. If the scratches are too deep, try and fill them with clear colored nail polish. Use the nail-polish brush to apply the nail polish evenly into the scratches and let it dry. After it does, use the nail polish remover to remove excess nail polish from the scratch.

Use sand paper

Sanding the glass might do two things: it can remove or improve the scratch. Before using this step, know firs the type of glass you are dealing with. It should be thick and firm. Also, this might work with shallow scratches only. Using the finest sandpaper, lightly rub the area with the scratch. This will even up the surface so that the scratch will be gone.

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