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How to Get Rid of Moisture Ants

Ants are probably the least of all insects that you worry about since they do not really pose any danger to your health or neither can they be a bother. Think about it, ants only appear when there are leftover food items lying around. They are attracted by this and they carry these food items back to their colony. Now there are times when ants can become a bother especially if there is an infestation already.

One breed of ants that can damage your house is the moisture ants. Since these types of ants make their colonies against the foundation of a house, it often tends to push the soil up through cracks effectively weakening the foundation of the house. Moisture ants live in areas of the house that are high in moisture, if your house is made of wood and it is damp, prepare to have an infestation.

Moisture ants do not intentionally damage your house but this doesn’t give them an excuse to share the same living space that you have. You should make sure that your house is free from any pests such as ants and the following procedures mentioned below can help you in treating moisture ants:

Do not leave traces of food items

Survival is the reason why ants colonize your house and the first thing that they need to gather in order to survive is food. You don’t have to wonder where they can get the food from since it may be your own fault even why there is a presence of ant in your house. Try leaving any sweet food on the floor and you will see that ants can get into it in a matter of minutes. The first thing to prevent infestation is to block ants from any source of food so throw leftovers properly and store foods in proper containers.

Buy pest control products

There are a variety of products available in the market that can be used to kill moisture ants. You can start with an insect spray to kill them on the spot when you see them. Or you can use ant baits, so you don’t have to wait for them to come out for the kill. Ant baits are usually placed in a specially designed plastic container that will house the chemical which attracts the ants. Ants will be attracted to this and they will feed on it until they die.

Get rid of other insects

Believe it or not but ants also prey on bigger insects not just to protect themselves but also to feed on them. Dead insects are easy target for the ants so make sure that you get rid of them properly so the ants won’t go flocking or feasting on the dead insect. You can also use pest control products to make sure that you kill other insects that may reside in your house.

Hire exterminators

If the infestation proves too much for you to handle, you can call on exterminators to help you get rid of moisture ants. Moisture ants can get into cracks and can live underground far beyond your reach. If this happens, you can contact an exterminator since they have the proper tools and equipment to draw moisture ants out of their colonies. Exterminators also have the essential experience and skill to make preventive measures that would keep moisture ants from coming back to your house.  To find local exterminators in your area, consider using services such as to help you find the best quote.

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