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How to Get Rid of Moisture in Car

Your car is probably the second most expensive investment in property that you have next to your house. This is why we go to great lengths in trying to take care of it and maintaining it. Although the priority is to make the car run smoothly, there are other parts of the car that you need to consider taking care of.

The interior of the car is as important as the other components. Since a car can be operated windows closed, there is a tendency that moisture can get to it. Moisture in car often happens when the car’s window is closed and it is running. If it’s raining outside and you have your windows closed, moisture build up is guaranteed.

Even if a car is not running, the chance of it getting moisture is still high. When this happens, the interior would smell like mold and it can ruin your car’s interior furnishings. What’s worse is that during heavy showers, moisture in your car can prevent you from driving properly since the windshield would be blurry. Here are some of the things that you can do to get rid of moisture in car:

Check for leaks

When your car is idle and there are leaks that enabled water to seep inside the vehicle, this wouldn’t dry and would usually produce moisture. Check for any water entry points and identify the part of the car where water enters and see what you can do to remedy it. You may have to bring your car in an auto shop to make sure that the leaks are properly sealed. Water can get in the car through the windshield, front and rear, as well as the side windows. This is the part of the car where you may want to check first by showering your car with a hose.

Dry wet upholstery

If your upholstery gets wet, make sure that you dry it up to make sure that it won’t produce moisture. Wet upholstery remains wet if you don’t attend to it; dab dry towel to the affected area until it absorbs the wet area.

In worst case scenarios, you may have to take out the carpet or even the seats of the car and let it dry out of the car under the sunlight. While you’re at it you can also clean the upholstery before drying it. Make sure that you use proper cleaning materials to remove any odor from the substance that went to your upholstery.  After drying, you can assemble the upholstery back into the car.

Turn on your defroster

If you are running on the road and your heater is broken and the windows are closed, moisture build up is likely to happen. When this happens, you can turn on the defroster since it can remove the moisture in the car. Make sure that your car defroster is in good condition since it’s the only device in your car that can get rid of moisture in the car under the circumstances mentioned.

Use baking soda

When your car builds up moisture, it also produces unpleasant smell. After you dry up the car, you should use baking soda as it will absorb the smell that moisture leaves. After you have noticed that a considerable amount of smell is gone, you need to vacuum the remaining baking soda.

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