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How to Get Rid of Moisture in Room

Have you entered your room and just felt the air is damp and you smell mold which stings your nostrils? Then you lie down in your bed and it just feels wet all over. There is a possibility that the humidity in your room can be high. This makes every surface inside feels moist and undesirable. Rooms should not feel like this, especially if you treat it like any other part of the house.

Moisture in room, as mentioned, is caused by high humidity. It may seem that this condition is easy to control but in reality, it is one of the toughest conditions that you can attempt to manage inside your house. Moisture in room is even harder since most of the appliance that controls the temperature the whole house. Plus it is the last area of the house that you’d expect to have moisture in.

Moisture in your room can be very irritating and you shouldn’t let this condition be since it’s just unhygienic. There are several ways to get rid of moisture in a room and you should stop at nothing to attempt to lessen humidity in your room and in your house. Once you get rid of moisture, it’s guaranteed that your experience at home would be more pleasant:

Remove damp clothing

Like plenty of other people, there is a chance that we store our dirty laundry in the room. Some time, these clothes are damp. If it’s not clothes, then its towels that you usually store in your room. If your room is closed and it is exposed to wet clothes and towels and it is sealed all around, you are almost guaranteed that humidity with the help of damp fabric would give your room moisture in your room.

If you have newly washed clothes, it would be a good idea to make sure that they are dry. Aside from the foul smell it can produce if its stored wet in the cabinet, it can also add to the humidity in the room thus producing moisture.

Open windows

Allow air circulation in your room by opening the windows. This would allow the room in the air to be circulated outside. Also, with the help of sunlight, any mildew smell would be removed as well. While the window is open, it is suggested that you turn on the fan as well, thus circulating the air more effectively.

Install a dehumidifier

There are plenty of products that you can use to reduce the amount of humidity in your room. Several appliances also help to reduce the moisture in the room and one of the appliances available is the dehumidifier. There are different types of dehumidifier and you should opt for the one that has humidistat which can control the temperature more easily.

You need to monitor the condition of the room and adjust the dehumidifier in accordance to the condition of the room. There are chances that the air may feel a bit dry and you may need to change the settings of the dehumidifier.

Install exhaust fans

If you don’t have the money to spend on a dehumidifier, you can install an exhaust fan for your room. This allows hot air to escape from the room easily which could prevent moisture build up. Exhaust fans are very affordable and they can be found easily in any appliance store.

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