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How to Get Rid of Mosquito Bites

Insects cause a lot of ruckus in the house and the worst part is they are not even supposed to be in your property. There are some insects that simply are a bother but there are some that actually feeds on you. One type of insect that sticks their needles to you is mosquitoes. There are far dangerous results of a mosquito bite such as getting diseases but a simple mosquito bite can be irritating.

Mosquito bites are small, red lumps produced after a mosquito bites you. Mosquito bites can itch and they can cause wounds if the person bitten does not stop scratching. They are very irritating to the skin, and the sight of a mosquito bite is annoying all by itself since it is a mark that a mosquito has violated your body.

Itching mosquito bites can be scratched unintentionally and can open up causing infection. You should immediately treat mosquito bites as they are very annoying. Simple procedures can be performed to get rid of the bites, most of the items that you need to use can be found at home. These are some of the things that you can do to get rid of the bites:

Kill mosquitoes

What is the best way to prevent getting mosquito bites? The answer is to kill the offenders. It is not a crime to kill mosquitoes so you can go ahead and have a killing spree. The most common way to kill mosquitoes is by swatting them, with your palm even. But there are less brutal ways to kill mosquitoes such as using insect sprays. You can also install mosquito killer machines which attracts insect and zap them with electricity and kills them instantly. Throw away stagnant water as this provides mosquitoes a breeding area.

Banana peel method

When you do get bitten and you happen to be eating a banana, do not throw the peel away. You can actually use banana peel to get rid of mosquito bites. The inside part of the banana peel, when rubbed against the bite, soothes the itching and helps reduce the size of the bite. Wondering what to do with the banana? Well you can keep them in the fridge to eat later on.

Apply ice

If you get bitten, you can put ice in a damp cloth and apply it on the bite. This will help you get rid of the itchiness of the mosquito bite. Using the cold compress would help the bite to numb so you don’t feel the itch.

Dab with baking soda

You can mix baking soda as well as water to make a paste. Once you have made the paste, apply it to the bite. You should allow the paste to dry out; apply another batch of the paste again if the dried mixture on the bite is no longer visible.

Use anti-mosquito bite lotion

There are formulated lotions designed to repel mosquitoes. These insects won’t even attempt to land on your skin, let alone bite you. Mosquito repellent lotions also reduce the chance of getting a disease from mosquitoes which can be deadly. They can be purchased from different stores and should be applied after you take a bath. The protection that mosquito repellent lotion provides can last for several hours to a day depending on the strength of the lotion.

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