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How To Get Rid Of Moth Ball Smell

If your house constantly gets invaded by unwanted insects and pests like moths, then moth balls are one of the most effective and practical products that you can use in order to ward those invasive pests. Moth balls are usually placed in closet and wardrobe storage, chests and other closed spaces where moths love to hide at. While the use of moth balls is very effective in keeping moths away, there is another unwanted thing that may result from the use of moth balls around the house. This number one disadvantage of moth balls is the strong, offensive smell that the chemicals give off.

Moth balls actually work by giving off gas that has strong and powerful odor. This unique scent of moth balls is actually the one that drives away the moths, and even people. If you have a closet with moth balls, there is a big chance that your clothes will smell like moth balls as well. The bad news is that this unpleasant moth ball odor is quite tricky to remove from your garments. But the good news is that moth ball smell is quite easy to get rid of if you know the right removal tricks. Here are some things you can do to get rid of moth ball smell.

Baking powder

Baking powder can counter the strong odor from the naphthalene chemical of the moth balls. Just sprinkle lots of baking powder on your clothes and leave the baking powder to work for a few hours. Then, remove the baking powder from the fabric and wash your clothes with detergent soap and water. Hang under the sun to dry and be naturally bleached.

Baby powder

Baby powder also has the ability to absorb the smell of the moth ball like baking soda. So if you need to go out and the cloth you are going to wear smells of moth balls, just rub some baby powder on your cloth and let it stay there for a few minutes. Then, dust off the cloth and spray some perfume on it.

Remember, this is not really the best method to remove the moth ball smell but it can be a quick fix if you are in a rush. Also, spray perfume sparingly as it can ruin your cloth’s fibers.

Air circulation

If you are not really visited by moths, you should just stop using moth balls. Remove any remaining moth balls on your closet and storage and temporarily place your stuffs in another container. Then, you can just leave your storage open so that the moth ball smell will rise. If you have a spare electric fan, you can just place the fan towards the closet or storage so that the air will blow away the moth ball scent.

Activated carbon

Activated carbon is good in absorbing unwanted odor and other dirt. You can just place some activated carbon on a shallow jar and place it in your closet or storage box. The activated carbons will soak up the moth ball smell. If you cannot find activated carbon, you can substitute small chunks of activated carbon with wet newspaper.

Do not wash the storage with water

Most people commit the mistake of washing their closet with water to remove the moth ball smell. The thing is that water actually just makes the problem worse, so avoid washing your storage with water.

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