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How to Get Rid of Mothball Smell

Trying to get rid of a pest is the natural way to deal with them if you are made aware of their presence. Pests such as moths can damage your favorite pieces of clothing and this is why we stop at nothing to protect our belonging. The sad part is that in our attempt to get rid of moths, there are methods that we use that have side effects such as using mothballs.

Mothballs look like a chewable menthol candy; a lot of people use them since they are very effective in keeping moths away from your cabinet due to the smell it produces. That same smell is what turns other people off as it can cling to the clothes long after it has been removed from the cabinet. What’s worse is that the cabinet is always closed and this makes the smell of the mothball even worse.

Using mothball is a great way to get rid of moths but the smell can be embarrassing once you wear your clothes. Trying to cover the smell with perfume can make the situation even worse. Here are some tips that can help you remove mothball smell allowing you to effectively use this product without the hassle of having its smell:

Wash cabinets

Mothballs are placed inside the cabinet and due to the fact that the cabinet is always closed, the smell is concentrated inside. Even after you take out the mothballs from the cabinet, the odor of the mothball will remain in the cabinet for several weeks, that is unless you wash the cabinet and remove any residue from inside. Take all of the contents of the cabinet out and wash it thoroughly with soap and water. Use brush to make sure that any remaining particles will be removed as well.

The power of the sun and dryer

If you have clothes you placed inside the cabinet with mothballs and you plan to use them, you can put them under direct sunlight to remove the mothball odor. Aside from placing the clothes under the sun, you can also place clothes in a dryer and put a piece of fabric softener together with the clothing and allow it to tumble in one full cycle.

You can also place furniture that has been affected by the odor of the mothballs under the sun. If it’s not raining outside, you should let the furniture sit outside for 1 to 2 days and bring it inside the house at night.

Use odor eliminator

There is plenty of odor eliminating products available in the market and they have varying effects. Odor eliminator sprays are available which is stored in aerosol cans. Another type of odor eliminators are activated charcoals that are usually available in bars and granules. Placing these granules in and ash tray and positioning it all around the room should rid it from that awful mothball smell.

Use other moth repellant solutions

The main reason people use mothballs is that they repel insects especially moths who feed on different articles of clothing. Rather than using mothballs, you can use alternative products or methods to get rid of moths. You should also keep insects off your house by sealing cracks and crevices where moths live. For your clothes, you can store them inside clear plastic bags that insects cannot penetrate and break.

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