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How to Get Rid of Motion Sickness

Traveling can be a lot of fun; you would be able to see different places and meet new people. There are different ways to get to your destination and this is where some people have problems with. Due to the motion of the vehicle that a person rides, they feel nauseous, dizzy and would even vomit at times; this feeling is known as motion sickness.

Motion sickness is felt by people of all ages; this is due to the individual’s perception of moving objects while in motion on a vehicle. Motion sickness is a big hassle for people who like to travel since the feeling of discomfort is always present whenever they are on board a vehicle. The feeling can discourage people from using certain types of transportation and they may miss out on important matters.

You don’t have to suffer this condition whenever you want or need to travel. Motion sickness can be corrected via a number of ways. All you have to know is the right procedures to identify what to do when you next travel. To help you get rid of this condition, you can observe the following so you’ll have a safe and comfortable trip next time:

Sit at the right area

One of the main reasons why people get motion sickness is that they feel movement but they do not see that the vehicle is moving. For this reason, you should sit in an area where you will be able to spot the moving horizon. For example, you are riding a ship, it would be best to book in the upper or middle deck. If you are riding a car, you should call shotgun and sit up front. A plane ride should be taken near a window that is beyond the edge of the wing. By doing this, you won’t feel disoriented.

Take the proper medication

For those who experience motion sickness, the good news is that there are medications available to lessen its effects. Anti-motion sickness medications such as anti-histamines should be taken an hour before the planned trip. If you don’t feel comfortable taking medicines, there are anti motion sickness patches that are placed behind the ear also a few hours before the travel time.

Avoid reading while on board a vehicle

Traveling can sometimes be boring especially during long trips, the temptation to do something while traveling can be great. Most people that travels bring a copy of their favorite book to past the time, the problem with this is that the eyes is focused to an stationary object while our body feels the motion or the movement of the vehicle which contradicts the equilibrium of the body. Rather than reading a book, try to take a nap or get some rest until you get to your destination.

Avoid other people with motion sickness

Motion sickness is not unique to one person; it can happen to almost everyone that goes traveling. If you see someone that is suffering from motion sickness, stay away from them. Do not look at them because they might feel awkward most of all try to focus your attention to something else like the horizon.

Keep yourself busy

Taking your mind away from the thought of having motion sickness is a great way to deal with it. If you are unable to sleep, try to talk to people or listen to music. Keep yourself busy but remember not to open that book.

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