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How to Get Rid of Mourning Doves

If you like birds, there is a great chance that you have a bird feeder in your garden or yard to feed theses restless creatures. There are a lot of birds being attracted to bird feeders as this saves time the time and energy to go and hunt their own food. With the food provided for them, birds would just flock to your yard and feed themselves until they are full.

But there are birds that would have abusive behavior and they would hog the bird seeds which can intimidate other birds. Such is the case with mourning doves; the mourning doves are well known for this type of behavior which makes them an annoyance from other birds as well as people who likes to see other types of bird flock to their yard.

The problem with getting rid of mourning doves is if you want them to go away but not the other birds that are feeding on your bird feeder. Here are some of the things that you can do to get rid of mourning doves. If they still bother you and the other birds, you may have to get rid of the whole feeder:

Change the type of birdseed

Mockingbirds maybe attracted to the type of birdseed that you are using in your bird feeder. There are birdseeds that they prefer than others so you may have to try different types of birdseed.  Empty your bird feeder and put a small amount of the new birdseed and check if mourning doves will flock on it. Keep changing the birdseed until you notice that the mourning doves are not coming back anymore.

Hang your bird feeder

If you haven’t already notice, mourning doves are bigger than other types of birds. They can only feed on the ground so you need to wise up and try to outsmart them. Instead of putting your bird feeders on the ground, you need to elevate them, better yet hang them. Smaller birds will still be able to feed on them while bigger ones such as mourning doves’ weight won’t be supported. This will discourage them from feeding on the feeder.

Clean the ground up

Since mourning doves usually feed on the ground, make sure that you clean it so they wouldn’t find anything to feed on. Even though you hang the bird feeder already, you still should make sure that the ground is cleaned up. There might be particles of food that can attract mourning doves back to your yard.

By cleaning up the yard, you will also prevent insects from going to your yard. Mourning doves sees smaller creatures as additional food source. Make sure that the trash cans, especially where you dispose of food, are tightly closed and sealed.

Prevent inviting any bird at all

If your mourning dove problem is getting worst, you may have to go and do the last resort, which is to get rid of anything that would invite any type of bird at all. Remember that this is only the final solution if mourning doves really bother you. You need to remember that this can discourage other types of birds from going to your yard, but at the same time mourning birds will be removed as well. If this seems to be too extreme for you, then you can simply try the other tips provided.

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