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How To Get Rid Of New Car Smell

Have you recently bought a new car? After so many years, did you finally get that dream car that you have been saving for the last few years? Getting your dream car is probably one of the most fulfilling experiences that you will encounter. Nothing beats that feeling when you know that you are driving around inside a car that is a product of all your blood, sweat and tears. However, this first joyride of yours might not turn out to be as fun as you have expected. Why? Even though you are driving a new Ferrari or Porsche, there is one thing that makes your perfect dream car imperfect. It is that new car smell.

The smell of new cars is not really as pleasant as the car itself. Because the car and its materials are new and fresh, it is actually inevitable for your car to smell like a mixture of unwanted chemicals. While some people do not mind the new car smell, some cannot stand it that they do not get the chance to ride in their car for long. Well, the smell of new car is actually hazardous, mainly because it is generally caused by the chemicals floating inside your new car. So if you have a new ride, do not get too excited and call your friends to take a road trip. Try to get rid of the new car smell first so that your ride will be safe and sound. Here are some things you can do.

Spray some deodorizer

One of the easiest methods to get rid of new car smell is to use deodorizer. You can readily buy deodorizing spray at auto shops or even your local home improvement shop. One of the leading deodorizing sprays you can use is the Febreze. You can also get Fresh Wave. These sprays are affordable so you can just grab one in order to fix that strong smell of your car. Just spray some deodorizer and the new car smell will be greatly lessened.

Use car ionizer

Ionizer is a device attached to the car system that absorbs the air molecules so the new car smell is lessened. If you are going to use your car, turn on the ionizer first and let it absorb the revolting odor of your new car. Then, after the ionizer has absorbed the smell, your car will smell nicer. However, car ionizers can be tricky. Sometimes, instead of doing their job, they end up doing the opposite. Plus, note that the use of ionizer contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer.

Place car freshener

There are many car fresheners that you can choose from. Their scents range from that of lemon or mild ocean breeze, and many more. These car fresheners reduce your car’s unwanted odor, and at the same time, replace it with a fresher scent. Usually, these are hung in front of the air conditioner so that when the wind blows, the car freshener’s scent will be distributed all around your car.

Drive with windows down

During your first trips using your new car, it might be better if you can just drive with the windows down. This way, the air will be able to circulate freely, lessening the concentration of the new car smell inside your car. So when you are going out, roll those windows down to remove the new car smell, and at the same time, give you more fresh air.

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