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How to Get Rid of Nose Blackheads

Skin problems are very common to the human body; after all, the skin makes the first contact with whatever the surrounding throws at our body. There are skin conditions that are worse while there are some that are barely noticeable. One of the most common yet least skin problems is the blackhead.

Blackheads usually appear in the nose and its surroundings. This is the area of the face where more oil is produced compared to the other parts of the face which causes blackheads to clog the pores. Although most of the time they are barely noticeable; they can be embarrassing if the nose and the surrounding area is filled with it.

Blackheads have little impact on the skin although they can be the main reason why people get acne. When you see blackheads starting to appear in your face, you can perform the following to make sure that the condition doesn’t get any worst. You should try to get rid of blackheads the moment they appear to avoid any complications:

Wash your face

Blackheads are the result of an oily dirty face; with this description, it is pretty obvious that the first thing that we need to do is to wash our faces. The best time to wash the face is every morning and before going to sleep. Proper procedures in washing the face is important, first you need to thoroughly wash it with running water. Afterwards apply facial cream that has anti oil properties to reduce the amount of oil produced in the face. Rinse it off with water again and dry it off with towel. Do this twice a day to lessen the amount of oil produced through the pores which can lead to blackheads.

Apply a blackhead treatment cream

There are plenty of cream products that can be used safely every day to treat blackheads. These products can be purchased from drugstores and they contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Although they are safe to be used daily, you should try to test the effects first before applying it full on. Apply a small amount of cream to the nose first every other day to see if there are any bad effects.

Other products that you can use are astringents which helps reduce the amount of oil in your skin. They also help remove the blackheads that are already present in the skin. Apply the astringent using a cotton ball and make sure that you apply it in every nook and cranny of the face.

Eat well

You are what you eat; this phrase has never been true once you see the effects of the food that you eat. Aside from adding weight to your body, there is a chance that some of the food that you take would promote oil production in the skin. Avoid eating foods high in fat and try to eat more fruits and vegetables as they promote healthier skin.

Get a facial

If you feel that the creams that you are using are not working, you may want to consult a dermatologist and ask for their opinion. You can get a facial which can help you remove the blackheads with a variety of procedures such as facial scrubs, masks and steaming. There are different equipment and tools that will be used to perform the different procedures.

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