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How To Get Rid of Oak Tree Sprouts

Oak trees are just plain lovely. They are big, sturdy and can provide shelter. They also bloom with nice little flowers and, of course, those acorns which is actually an oak tree’s seeds. However, there might be times when a growing oak tree becomes undesirable. For example, an oak tree sprout grows in a place just a few feet away from your house, you probably will not wait for it to grow and take over your lot before you take actions to remove it. As mentioned, oak trees can grow big and because it is a strong kind of tree, it will be hard to remove once it starts to grow.

Oak tree sprouts may be a lovely sight for nature-loving, green thumbs, but if the oak tree is sprouting in a wrong place, you need to get rid of it right away. There are simple ways that you can try to get rid of oak tree sprouts. If there is a sprouting oak tree in your yard where it is unwelcomed, you can follow these tips to remove it successfully:

Drown and pull

Oak tree sprouts are different from other little plant saplings and shoot that you see around. Oak tree roots are very strong and you cannot probably remove it hastily in one go. The best thing to do is to soak the soil for a few days. You can try to drown the soil with slow-running water for a day or two, depending on how big the sprout is. If it’s just a little sprout that has recently grown, it can be removed in just a day. After soaking the soil with water, simply grasp the body of the sprout and try to pull it out. If you feel that you cannot remove it yet, then you might need to soak the ground more until it becomes loose. Remember, do not jerk or twist the sprout because it might just break.

Dig it out

If the oak tree sprout has already grown a couple of inches and it is hard to hand pull it even after soaking, you can use gardening fork or small shovel to dig the soil around it. Do not use big gardening tools as it might break roots into pieces. Broken roots will just worsen the condition. Just soak the soil for a few days as well. Loosen the soil with your tool and when you feel that you can already dig out the oak sprout, just pull the sprout steadily.

Keep mowing

Oak tree sprouts will not grow if you constantly mow it. When you see the sprout, cut the seedling until it’s leveled with the soil. When it grows back, mow it again. When you keep cutting the oak tree sprout, it might exhaust the seedling, forcing it to stop growing. However, it might take some months to a year for the oak tree sprout to completely die. So just keep mowing your yard and those oak tree sprouts will remain as sprouts.

Spray with herbicide

If you cannot remove the oak tree sprouts naturally, then you can opt to use herbicides. There are herbicides like glyphosate which are less or not harmful to other plants and soil at all. It would be better if you can get pre-mixed glyphosate herbicide for oak tree sprouts. Pre-mixed herbicides are designed to be used for separate plants so it will be better if you will use this type of herbicide instead of unmixed herbicides. The chemical should work quickly, killing the oak tree sprout. If it did not work for the first time, you can keep spraying herbicide until the seed dies.

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