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How To Get Rid of Pacifier At Night

Every baby seeks for comfort. At night, you might need to rock him to sleep, sing him a lullaby or give him something to suck on like the pacifier. Pacifier is an essential part of a baby’s life. It helps him in a lot of ways. Sucking is one of the first things that your child learns, and after he has already drank his milk; you can give him a pacifier to satisfy his needs. There are also some studies which show that babies who use pacifier are less prone to sudden infant death syndrome.

Although using a pacifier is quite beneficial to your child, there are times when it can become a nasty habit, especially when your baby is not really a baby anymore. Some children become too dependent on pacifier and cannot even sleep without it. As he grows old, you will need to train him not to depend on the pacifier and to just sleep on his own. This can be difficult though. You will need to be great in convincing your child to get rid of it and you must also be ready for his tantrums. So if you want to get rid of pacifier at night, here are things that you can do.

Snip the pacifier

One of the most common strategies that parents do with pacifier is snipping or cutting it. Even most pediatrician recommends this method. Every couple of days, snip off a tiny piece of the pacifier. When your child realizes that he cannot hold it anymore in his mouth, he will get tired of sucking it. You can also try poking some holes on the pacifier. When your child discovers that the pacifier is broken, he will get frustrated and throw it away.

Make it taste nasty

One trick that you can do with your child’s pacifier is to dip it into something which does not taste good. When bedtime is almost near, dip your child’s pacifier in black coffee. When he asks for it, give the pacifier to him. Chances are, as soon as he tastes the coffee in his pacifier, he will spit it out. He might be traumatized by this experience so he will end up not wanting to use pacifier anymore.

Trade it for a muffin

Instead of handing your child the pacifier before bedtime, you can try to trade it for a soft muffin. After he has downed his milk, you can try feeding her a small muffin or a tiny piece of bread of some sort. Children suck pacifier to sleep. When you give her some food to eat, instead of sucking, your child will be chewing which is quite similar in nature and will most likely make him drowsy as well. When you see that he is ready to sleep, quickly brush his teeth and return him to the bed.

Let your child get tired of it

Sucking pacifier until your child is about two years old is just fine. It is quite normal for them at this stage. If he is really attached to the pacifier, then just give it to him. Eventually, he will get tired of sucking it. Every now and then, you can ask him if you can already “donate” or throw the pacifier in a “wishing well” in exchange for a treat so it will be easier for him to let go of it.

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