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How To Get Rid Of Pantry Beetles

There may be times when you open up your kitchen cabinet and see a lot of pests feasting on your packaged foods, grains and flour. These pests that eat you grains, oats, cereals and other similar foods are called pantry beetles. Pantry beetles are the tiny little, flat brown pests that you often see crawling in your kitchen cabinet.

Pantry beetles feed mostly on grains and flours and are mostly found on pantries, hence the name. They cannot really harm you but they can do a great deal of damage to your foods. Also, pantry beetles multiply easily so once they start to house in your pantry, you can expect for them to grow in numbers in the shortest time possible. During the first sign of pantry beetles, you must take actions to remove them right away. TO help you get rid of pantry beetles, here are some simple tips.

Buy pantry pest traps

There are pantry pest traps that you can get on the local store. These pantry traps are easy to use and are quite effective when it comes to eliminating pantry beetles. These kinds of traps are specifically designed to lure and capture pantry pests. Simply get some and set it up around your pantry and other areas in your house where you spot pantry beetles.

Use bay leaves

Fresh bay leaves can do the trick in getting rid of pantry beetles. Just lay around some fresh bay leaves on your pantry to protect your foods. Pantry beetles do not like bay leaves so they will most probably stay away from your pantry when they see and smell the bay leaf barriers.

Vacuum them

Using vacuum to clean up house pests is very common and this can also work with pantry beetles. Although this method may be particularly tricky with pantry beetles because most of these pests house in your food containers. But if ever you see isolated pantry beetles, you can use a vacuum to suck them up.

Clean up your pantry

To get rid of pantry beetles, you have to do a pantry clean up drive. Simply remove all your food from the pantry and store them in the refrigerator. The cold will freeze and kill pantry beetles and larvae that have stuck on your food and groceries. Meanwhile, wash the pantry with bleach and water solution. Scrub the pantry until it is clean and rinse well. Pat dry the pantry surface and leave it overnight, with the doors open, so that it can dry completely. Then, restock the pantry with the groceries which have not been fully damaged by pantry beetles.

Follow preventive measures

To keep those pantry beetles from coming back, you should know some proper food storage. First, do not buy too many groceries to avoid food expiration and spoilage. Second, transfer foods such as flour, rice, and pasta and other grain and starchy products into clean, glass jars and seal them tight with undamaged lids. Third, try refrigerating newly bought groceries for a few days before placing them in the pantry. This is done to kill larvae, insects and other webbings. Fourth, when you see food spills, clean it up right away.

Monitor your pantry’s cleanliness

Once you have gotten rid of the pantry beetles, be sure to maintain the cleanliness of your pantry to hinder them from coming back.

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