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How To Get Rid Of Parking Tickets

Aside from road accidents and heavy traffic jams, another thing that motorists try to dodge is a parking ticket. Parking tickets are given out because of parking violations. They are little slips that have expensive equivalents. Parking tickets range from 20 bucks to a hundred dollars depending on your violation. In some cases though, issues over parking tickets can costs up to a thousand dollars if you try to fight for it.

If you do not want to get a parking ticket, then you only have to avoid doing things that may be counted as a parking violation. It is quite simple to get rid of parking tickets. Simply follow the parking rules and you will be fine. But to further aid you; here are some guidelines that you can follow so that you will be able to get rid of parking tickets.

Always read signs

You should make it a habit to read and follow road and parking signs. There are many areas around that may be temporary or permanently restricted for car parking. Once you see the warning signs, then steer clear of that area and find a new spot where you can safely park your car at.

Check the parking meters

If you check the parking meters, then you should be out of trouble. Even if you are in a hurry, you should still take the time to check parking meter information. Do not miss important notifications like the days and time when the parking meter is running, rush hour parking regulations and parking restrictions. When you find that the parking meter is not working properly, then you can call the attention of authorities.

Ask for a receipt

There are parking lots where an attendant is present. If you are parking in an area like this, you should always ask the attendant for a receipt that will serve as a proof that you have the right to use the parking space. If the parking regulators in your area are really strict, you might need to stick the receipt in your car’s windshield to avoid getting penalties.

Know the right parking zone

There are many parking zones but not every area is available for your car. At all times, you should stay away from private parking zones that are exclusive for other establishment’s use. Do not halt on bus stops even just for a few minutes. Bus stops are meant for commuter’s use and in case you parked on the area and the bus fails to unload the passengers properly, you can expect a parking ticket.

No Parking versus No Stopping

There is a major difference between these two signs. In No Stopping areas, you cannot stop even for just a minute. Doing so will make the authorities hand you a ticket or even tow your car away. In No Stopping zones, even if the car is occupied, it can still be considered violating the rules.

On the other hand, in No Parking areas, you can stop to load or unload things and passengers. You can make use of No Parking areas provided that you will not take more than five minutes.

Do not use metered parking lots

Metered parking lot is only practical to make use of when you will not be parking for too long. Extending your parking time on parking areas with meter is already considered as a violation. If you need to park your car for a long time, then just opt to use off-street parking.

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