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How To Get Rid Of Paspalum Grasses

There are many types of paspalum grasses. These grasses are not really harmful and can even contribute in many ways. However, there are instances when paspalum grasses start to get considered as weeds. This is because paspalum grasses grow everywhere, especially in subtropics and tropical areas, and they grow very fast. When paspalum grasses pop out in your lawn, chances are they will multiply and overtake the soil unless you get rid of them.

Although some may like the view of these wild green grasses, homeowners who take care of a well-planted garden will see them as threats to their lovely plants and flowers. Paspalum grasses removal is required if you do not want your garden to be filled with tall and thick paspalum foliage. If you have paspalum grasses on your yard that you want to be removed, here are some things you can follow to get rid of paspalum grasses.

Grab and pull

Probably the most effective paspalum grasses removal is the usual grab and pull or hand-pulling method. If there are only a few clumps that are starting to grow on your yard, you can simply go out and pull them out of the soil. Make sure that you get all the roots out. If you merely broke off the paspalum grasses, within a few days you will see them sprouting back so try to slowly, but surely pull them out. Remember to use gardening gloves to avoid injuries.

Pound and rake

The hand-pulling method is only practical to use if the number of paspalum grasses are minimal. But if they have already taken a portion of your yard, you can try to rake them. The first thing you have to do is to loosen up the soil by slightly pounding on the earth. Afterwards, you can get a rake use it to pull out many weeds at a time. When most weeds have been removed, you can now check for remaining roots and pick them up.

Use the mower

Merely cutting the paspalum grasses will not really completely eradicate them but if you use a mower regularly, they will get weak and die. Simply run over the paspalum grasses with a lawn mower. Let it grow to about an inch or two then mow them again. If you constantly mow the paspalum grasses, they will not have too much time to gather their essential resources, leaving them weak and over time, dead.

Spray herbicide

Herbicides are made to kill unwanted weeds and grasses. There are many types of herbicides sold commercially. You can buy the type of herbicide with glyphosate because this kind is the least damaging. There are also herbicides that can kill paspalum grasses which cannot affect other plants in your yard. Just ask your local store clerk for assistance.

Change your soil

Paspalum grasses will not stand soil that is high in alkaline. By adding hydrated lime or hardwood ash, the alkalinity of your soil can be increased. However, changing your soil condition might be a bit demanding. You will need to consult experts first before you can turn your soil a less inviting place for paspalum grasses to grow.

Call a gardener

Paspalum grasses require a certain amount of effort in order to be fully removed. If you are not too patient, you can always call a gardener and have him kill paspalum grasses in your yard.

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