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How To Get Rid Of Patches in Hair

Everybody wants shiny and healthy hair that bounces naturally with every sway of their head. But what if there comes a time that you are left with no strands of hair that sway? The idea of getting bald is just too horrifying to many people. That is why when those patches in hair appear, a person becomes very conscious about himself. He will probably try hard to hide those balding spots until he finds a way on how to get back his silky hair.

Patches in hair can greatly affect a person’s confidence in himself. Of course, who would not be ashamed of those bald patches, right? If you are one of those who are starting to have a problem with balding, do not fret too much. There are several ways on how you can cover up those patches in hair with new strands. Here are some ideas that you can try if you want to get rid of patches in hair.

Visit your doctor

Bald patches in hair are a natural sign of aging. It may also be because of your hereditary lineage. But whether or not it is in your genes or because of your age, it is still the best to visit your doctor. Patches in hair is a common sign of some diseases. So to be diagnosed properly, you should call your doctor and schedule for a check-up.

Rub olive oil

Olive oil is a natural hair growth tonic. Sometimes, there might be excess sebum in your scalp that may cover up your hair follicles. When the hair follicles are trap, your hair will stop to grow. Rubbing olive oil on your scalp will break down the layers of deposit and bacteria that has lingered on your scalp and when these get removed, your hair will grow normally again. For a few weeks, keep rubbing olive oil on your head before you go to sleep. Although this might feel a bit uncomfortable, your patience will pay off once your hair starts to grow again.

Hair growth products

In every beauty store, there are different hair growth products that you can buy. There are shampoo, conditioner, hair moisturizer that make hair grow faster. Instant hair growth creams and ointments are also available for those who need to cover up bald patches. These hair growth products just cost a few dollars and you can buy one to aid you in bringing back your long lost hair. However, not all the hair growth product you see may actually be effective for you. Whenever you shop for products, you must check the label first and see if it is compatible with you. You can also ask the sales lady to help you pick the best hair growth product for you.

Undergo hair treatments

There are many hair growth treatments, both surgical and non-surgical, that some salons offer. One of the most in-demand treatments among people experiencing hair loss is the hair transplant, wherein hair follicles are planted on your balding spots. However, these treatments cost a lot of money and it is not practical if you do not really have some cash in your pockets.

Wait for it to grow

Sometimes, hormonal changes affect hair growth. If you recently changed your diet or sleeping patterns, or if you become too stressed, you may experience hormonal imbalance. This can impact your hair growth in one way or another. If this is the case, you can just sit back, relax and wait for your hair to grow back.

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