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How To Get Rid Of Perfume Smell

Are you going out on a date? Is there an affair that you need to attend to? When you need to get dressed up to meet with other people, one thing that you should not forget is to put on some perfume. This will enhance your smell and make you look more clean and proper. However, not all perfumes out there have very delicate smells. While some can really make others inhale your perfume when you pass by, there are types of perfume that can make the noses of people around you crinkle in disgust. So when does a perfume not smell good? When the scent becomes too strong for the sense of smell. When this happens, you should try to get rid of the perfume smell.

Unwanted perfumes smell not only makes people around have an adverse reaction towards you, but it can also cause headache to other people who have sensitive smell. So in order to avoid yourself from being criticized, and also to save the bother than it can bring to other people, you must tone down the smell or remove it all in all. Here are some tips and tricks to get rid of perfume smell.

Roll down the car windows

When you are on your way to the event’s venue, then you can just roll down your car windows while you are still traveling. This way, the air will freely circulate inside your car and it also can remove the strength of the perfume that you are wearing. The more air entering your car, the better chances of the perfume smell to go away.

Stand in front of the electric fan

If you have just sprayed on some perfume and you realized that it does not smell too good, then you can do a quick remedy for it by standing in front of the electric fan. Turn on the fan in full blast and stand a few feet away from it, so that the smell will get blown away and your get up will stay unaffected. This can instantly minimize the perfume smell after just a few minutes.

Wash with cold water

If you have put too much perfume on your skin, you can just wash the area with cold water so that the perfume smell will be minimized. Simply get a towel and dip it in cold water. Then, rub this on your skin where you have sprayed the perfume, particularly on your pulse points like the neck and wrists. Afterwards, use another clean towel to dry your skin. This should help remove most of the perfume smell.

Baking soda paste

For strong perfume smells that do not seem to go away, you can use baking soda paste. Baking soda has the power to absorb different kinds of odors and scents, including perfume smell. You can just mix some baking soda and warm water and turn them into a simple paste. Then, apply it on the scented areas of your body. Leave the paste for about five to ten minutes. Afterwards, rinse the area with warm water and towel dry.

Vinegar and olive oil solution

The mixture of vinegar and olive oil can help remove strong perfume smell. Simply mix together a teaspoon of olive oil and vinegar. Use a cotton ball to absorb this solution. Then, rub in on scented areas of your body and let it sit for a few minutes. Using warm water and soap, rinse the area afterwards.

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