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How To Get Rid of Permanent Marker Stains

Permanent marker is one of the most common school and office supplies. It is used for presentations, to mark some objects, draw banners or to make notes. However, not all the times permanent markers do their job well. Because they are powerful markers, they can easily stain on places where you use them. So if you end up being mistaken and you accidentally used a permanent marker in areas where it should not be used, then you will meet a tough stain to get rid of.

Permanent marker stains commonly appear on white boards when it is accidentally picked instead of a white board marker. Also, when you are deeply absorbed with your presentation, you might be gesturing to eagerly and end up drawing lines on your cloth. Another case is when you have kids doodling around, and because of too much fun, they decided to draw swirls on your furniture and walls. Sure, permanent markers are helpful. But when they are used out of place, be ready to remove those stains. Here are some helpful tips to get rid of permanent marker stains.

Detergents and bleach

If your precious cloth has been stained, you can just use detergent and bleach to remove the permanent marker stain. First, rub some bleach over the stained area and let it sit there for a few minutes. Afterwards, take your cloth and wash it with detergent and water as you normally do when you wash the laundry. Note that ordinary bleach can only work with white fabrics. Do not use it on colored clothing because it might damage your cloth. If you are dealing with multi-colored clothes, you can find a special type of bleach that is safe to use on it.

Nail polish remover

Nail polish remover or acetone has very powerful chemicals that can remove permanent marker stains. You can just use a cotton ball with acetone and dab it over the stained part of the fabric. Leave it there for a while to soak. Then, after a few minutes, dab some acetone on the area again. This time, continue scrubbing the area until the permanent marker stain is detached from the cloth fabrics. Afterwards, just launder the cloth. Nail polish remover can also work with painted walls.

Vinegar or lemon

Both vinegar and lemon are highly acidic, and their acid contents can break down stains caused by permanent marker. Simply cut a lemon into two. Then, use one end to rub over the permanent market stain. Or, you can just directly pour white vinegar on the area. Leave the vinegar or lemon to sit over the stain for a while. Then, when you see that the permanent market stain has lessened, wash with detergent and water.

Rubbing alcohol

If the permanent market stain is on the white board, then you can simply use some rubbing alcohol to remove the stain. Just get a rag and then slightly drench it with rubbing alcohol. Use this to rub the stained area of the white board. Rub in circular motions for best results.

Paint thinner

For stained walls, you can use paint thinner. Note that this will work with unpainted walls only. Simply apply paint thinner over the permanent marker stains and scrub. The stain molecules will be broken down by the chemicals of the paint thinner.

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