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How To Get Rid of Plaque On Dog’s Teeth

Oral problems are very common with pets like dogs. Since dogs do not really care about sanitation, they just sniff and eat almost every edible food there is, despite the large number of bacteria that has already taken over the food. Whether or not you feed them, they will just dig out the trash and feed on rotten foods that have lots of bacteria which will then cause them to acquire plaque and other similar oral problems.

Plaque in dog’s teeth is not really a rare case. In fact, almost every dog gets plaque infestation eery now and then so you should be able to prepare and get rid of plaque on your dog’s teeth once it attacks. Here are some tips you can follow when removing bacteria from your dog’s teeth.

Brush your dog’s teeth

Same with the treatment of plaque in humans, you must also brush your dog’s teeth. Brushing your dog’s teeth is the first preventive measure for plaque, and it is also the first step in treating bacteria buildup on your dog’s teeth. You can ask around in pet shops for toothbrush and toothpaste that are designed for dogs. Simply use these tools to brush your dog’s tooth with the same manner as you would when you are brushing your own teeth. If possible, you should also gently scrape your dog’s gums and tongue. Rinse your dog’s mouth with water afterwards.

Clean up with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda

If your dog’s teeth is really filled with plaques that tartar and other bacteria buildup has hardened up and cannot be removed with just toothpaste, then you can make a strong solution out of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Both of these two have the ability to kill bacteria. They even help whiten up your dog’s teeth. Simply mix baking soda with a few drops of the hydrogen peroxide. Once the solution has become consistent like paste, use it as a substitute for the dog’s toothpaste. Brush your dog’s teeth with this and then rinse.

Give your dog lots of water

Water can help lessen up plaque. This is because every time your dog drinks, there is a big chance that some of the bacteria on your dog’s teeth will be flushed down. So providing your dog with lots of water will help in removing bacteria buildup. It will even promote your dog’s health in general.

Provide your dog with dry foods

Wet and saucy foods can invite a lot of bacteria so avoid giving this type of food to your dog when you are trying to get rid of plaque on dog’s teeth. You might observe that your dog’s breathe is less foul when you give it dry treats rather than giving it saucy, meaty foods. There are many dry dog foods that are nutritious enough for your dog. Simply take a trip to the pet shop and ask for high quality traets. Do not give your dog foods of low quality. This wouldn’t just cause your dog to get plaque, but it will also give way to other diseases that may affect your pet.

Have the vet clean your dog’s teeth

Like dentists, veterinarians must also be visited regularly for oral checkup of your dog. The vet will also be able to treat your dog and fix its teeth that has been covered with a lot of bacteria. The vet has tools that scrape up the bacteria from your dog’s teeth. So if the plaque on your dog’s teeth is just too bad that you cannot remove it, then go to the vet to get the proper treatments for your dog.

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