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How To Get Rid of Plastic Smell

Did you buy a new item? Is it made up of plastic or has it been sealed with plastic for a while? New plastic materials tend to give off a foul smell. Once you take out the plastic material that has been stocked for some time, it will immediately start a process called out gassing. When a plastic material starts our gassing, its odor will rise and spread around which causes the foul smell.

Out gassing may last for a short time but it can also stay for weeks and weeks. Though the plastic smell goes away by itself, doing some things that would speed up the release of its odor may be good for your nose. Here are some things you can do to get rid of plastic smell.

Dip in vinegar

The strong acidic smell of vinegar can easily overpower plastic smell. Thus, if you put the plastic material in a bowl filled with mixture of vinegar and water for a couple of hours, it can greatly decrease the strength of plastic smell. Simply get a container that is big enough for the plastic material you are removing the plastic smell from. Fill up the container halfway with 3:1 ratio of water to vinegar. Place the plastic material in the water. Add up some more solution if the item is not fully submerged. Then, just wait for a couple of hours for the solution to take away the plastic smell.

Sprinkle with baking soda

If the plastic material is a bit reactive to vinegar, then you can use baking soda instead. Again, place the material inside a container. Simply cover up the item with lots of baking soda. Cover the container and set it aside overnight. Check the item come morning time and smell it to confirm whether the plastic smell has been removed. If not, you can place back the material in the container and sprinkle it with some more baking soda. Just wait until the smell fades away.

Spray with odor neutralizer

Odor neutralizer is formulated to get rid of any unwanted strong smell from materials. It is effective in removing the plastic smell. If you have odor neutralizing product, then just spray it directly to the item which has a strong plastic smell. If it is the whole room you are dealing with, then lock up the windows and spray the odor neutralizer all around. Shut the door and leave the chemical to fight the plastic smell in the room.

Launder it

If the material with plastic smell can be washed like a fabric or cloth, then you can try washing it with water and detergent. Just launder it normally. You can also use bleach on it if it is white in color. After laundering the item, you can soak it with fabric conditioner. Fabric conditioner not only can remove plastic smell from cloth but it will also give that great and fresh scent.

Keep the air circulating

You could actually get rid of plastic smell without using any other product in your home. Although it may take some time, plastic smell usually goes away by itself. So to speed up the weakening of the smell, you can just leave the item out in the open where the air circulates freely. The more ventilated the area is, the faster the plastic smell will go away.

What worked for you?

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