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How to Get Rid of Pollen in Pool

The swimming pool often provides the most entertaining type of recreation available. People get to enjoy the pool in a hot summer day. Not only it refreshes but it also exercises the body all throughout. A clean swimming pool is very important to have a great experience in it, however, since pools are exposed to the surroundings, a lot of things can fall into it…mainly pollen.

Pollen is an organic matter that can fall into the swimming pool. If you don’t do anything to the pollen, it will settle on to the sides and the bottom of the pool. When this happens, the water on the pool will turn into yellow green and once the pollen decomposes, it can stain the walls and the floors of the pool.

Getting rid of pollen falling into the pool can greatly increase the desire to go for a swim. After all, a dirty looking pool can be a turn off especially to house guests. If you get pollen in the pool, there are plenty of ways to get it out before it starts doing anything remotely unattractive to the swimming pool. Here are some of the steps that you can do to ensure that you have a clean pool:

Buy a pool cover

It is not unusual nowadays for pools to have covers. This is a bare essential to every pool owner there is on the planet. Pool covers prevents a lot of different things from going into the swimming pool. This can help you save time and money spent in cleaning the pool or changing the water.

By placing a pool cover, you guarantee that the pool is not exposed to external elements that can dirty the pool up. They are not expensive as well and are pretty easy to install. Remember that prevention is better than the cure so before worrying about pollens and other stuff falling into the pool, you can prevent it by placing a pool cover.

Turn on the filter

Chances are your swimming pool is equipped with a filter. Filters allow water circulation and would make the dirt float in the water. Turn on the filter and allow it to operate continuously until you notice that the water has become clear.

While the filter is running, make use of this time to brush the walls and floors of the pool. Do not forget about the corners where the pollen can accumulate.

Drain the water and scrub away

This can be the most extensive ways to get rid of pollen in the pool. Remember that you only have to perform this if you are draining the pool once it is dirty. If the pool is already empty, get your gear ready and be prepared to clean and scrub the pool. A simple solution of water and detergent can be used. Soak the brush to this solution and scrub the floor and walls of the pool. After you have scrubbed it, rinse with water and refill the pool after rinsing it well.

Skim the pool

Every pool owner should own a pool skimmer net. These are inexpensive devices that allow you to skim the pool for tiny particles that get into it. You can even make one from a panty hose attached from a long pole. By regularly skimming the pool, it will prevent any accumulation of any substance that can dirty the pool up.

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