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How to Get Rid of Propane Smell

Cooking is a part of our everyday lives and no matter how often we eat out, we find ourselves eating at the comfort of our home. When we cook, we use a variety of utilities and appliance to make any dishes that we want for dinner. One of the main utilities that we use when cooking is gas. We may have a gas line in the house or we buy propane tanks to fuel the stove that we use for cooking.

There are times that, due to improperly installing the propane tank, there can be leaks which would let the gas escape. Gas escaping from tanks or pipes are not pleasant and you can identify the leak fairly easily since you will be able to smell propane. Propane smell is very dangerous to your health which can be cancerous as well. What’s worse, when you have a whiff of propane smell the slightest spark can lead to a fire.

Consider propane smell as a warning. When you smell this, you should track the source of the smell and deal with it immediately. It is not hard to get to the source of the propane smell especially since you will usually hear a hissing sound. But if you are having troubles dealing with this issue, the following can help you get rid of propane smell:

Turn off the main gas valve

If there is even the faintest odor of propane smell, you should start worrying already. If you have a propane tank, you should turn off the main valve that releases the gas. The next thing that you should do is to check if the ends of the pipes are properly installed. If you still smell propane after this, check if there are any holes in the hose that connects the stove to the propane tank. The holes can be really small and cannot be seen with the naked eye. Get a soapy water and wipe it across the hose. You should see bubbling where the hole is located.

If you have a gas line in the house, you should turn off the main valve and contact the gas company. This should be done the soonest possible time since it is dangerous to neglect this type of issues. Have the pipes and connections checked and double checked to ensure safety before turning on a lighter or a match.

Open the windows and exhaust fans

If you find the cause of the propane smell, the next thing that you need to do is to get rid of the smell that lingers in the air. To do this, you should open all the windows and make sure that you turn on the exhaust fan. Just be sure that before you do this, you should have fixed the cause of the problem. It is pointless to remove the propane smell if the source keeps on pumping out gas endlessly.

Use electric stoves as an alternative

If you have fears of using gas powered devices, there are a lot of alternatives that you can purchase for your cooking needs. First are the electric stoves, this appliance, as the name suggests, is powered by electricity. Another appliance that you can use are induction cookers, they too use electricity to power them up and they also save time since they allow for faster cooking time.

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