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How To Get Rid Of Raccoons Under Your Deck

Raccoons may have that cute and cuddly appearance but they are actually far from being adorable. Raccoons are nocturnal animals that can carry great disasters to your home. They love entering dark, warm places, away from the eyes of other people and animals. That is why they are commonly found in attic, chimneys and under the decks. If there are no trees around your house that can help these raccoons climb up in your attic, their second choice is to create damage and make holes to enter your deck. If you constantly hear rustling sounds under your house’s deck, there might be raccoons living there.

Raccoons are troublesome animals, which are why they are considered as pests most of the time. They can damage your properties and leave their dirt all around. Raccoons are also common sources of roundworms, rabies and other bacteria that can cause illness. Most people also feat raccoons because they are hostile and vicious. If you suspect that raccoons have started to nest under your deck, you need to remove them quickly before they can create too much damage. Here are some helpful tips that you can do in order to get rid of raccoons under your deck.

Look for baby raccoons

Sometimes, raccoons build up their nest under your deck because it is a dry, safe place for younglings. Check the area if there are any baby raccoons. If you see some little raccoons, you might as well hold your removal plans. Wait for about two more months and let the baby raccoons grow. Once they are old enough, chances are they will leave the area. If not, then you should start force evicting them.

Get rid of resources

If you have pets, raccoons will probably steal their foods or they will rummage inside the garbage can. In order to force the raccoons to get out under your deck, you should not limit their access to food and other resources. Avoid feeding your pets outside the house. Also, you can try moving away the garbage cans and securing downs the lid properly.

Make the deck lively

Raccoons hate noisy, well-lit places. If you want them to move out, you should make the area uninhabitable by placing lights and setting up a loud radio. When it gets dark and the adult raccoon leaves the deck, place the lights and radio under your house. Leave the lights and radio on for a few days until the raccoons decide to move out.

Flood your deck

Raccoons settle down under your deck because it is dry and safe. If you run the hose to flood the area with some water, the raccoons will have no choice but to leave the area. Once they leave, keep the area wet for a few days to be sure that they will not come back.


The strong smell of ammonia is unpleasant for raccoons. Soak some pieces of rags with ammonia and place these in several tin cans. Then, distribute the tin cans under your deck. The raccoons will not be able to stand the ammonia’s strong smell and they probably will move out after a few hours of smelling ammonia.

Ask for professional help

If you cannot manage to shoo away the raccoons living under your deck, you can call animal control and ask for their professional help.

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