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How To Get Rid Of Raccoons In Your Attic

Raccoons are one of the most common animals that are likely to visit your home. Because they are widespread, particularly in the US, some house owners regard them as pests. This is due to the fact that they wreck house structures and furnishings. Raccoons are known to damage insulation, doors and window screens, and they leave dirt here and there. Aside from these, raccoons can also be carrying different bacteria and viruses.

When a raccoon enters your home, it is most likely to dwell in your attic. Raccoons just love the secure, dry and warm places, away from trouble. So if you constantly here some rustling noises from your attic, you might want to check if a raccoon has already moved in with you. In case you find raccoons in your attic, you must try to get rid of them as soon as you can. To help you solve your problems, here are some tips on how to get rid of raccoons in your attic.

Cut out tree branches

If there are tree branches hanging near your house, you might want to cut them out. The raccoons probably have gained access to your house by climbing on these tree branches. When you trim these tree branches, the raccoons will have a hard time getting inside your house because their bridge has already been cut.

Patch holes

Holes around your house can serve as entry points for raccoons. It might be a great idea to patch these holes so that those raccoons will not be able to enter your house anymore. Be sure to check every possible entry point around your house. Take note that raccoons can easily get into a four-inch hole so do take heed of those little holes that you see around as well.

If in case you are not sure how many raccoons there are, you should consider leaving one hole where they can exit at. And to be secured, place a trap in that hole to capture the remaining raccoon, if there is any.

Light it up

Raccoons do not like light. This is one reason why they love to hide in attics.  During nighttime, when the raccoons are out, sneak into the attic and set up lights all around. Once they see the glimmering lights when they come back to your attic, the raccoons will most likely pack their things and leave your house at once.

Make some noise

Noise make raccoons cringe as well. When they are away, set up a loud radio in your attic. The noise will keep on bothering the raccoons and when they get enough of it, they will move out. The combination of lights and loud radio can be more effective in making those raccoons go away.

Check your attic

Once you see that the adult raccoons have come down from your attic, you might still want to check the area if there are baby raccoons around. Baby raccoons are not really capable of escaping the attic by themselves and if there is any chance that their parent has left them behind, they will just die and rot inside your attic. It might be a good idea to check your attic so that you will not be bothered with the rotten smell when these baby raccoons die.

Call animal control

Raccoons are relatively hard to get rid of. They can also be quite dangerous. So if you have no idea on how to get rid of raccoons in your attic, you can call animal control.

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