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How To Get Rid Of Rashes On Face

Aside from pimples and black heads, another common skin problem that targets the face is rashes. Rash is a skin condition that that causes the skin to become dry and cracked, itchy and painful. Rash may be caused by a simple allergic reaction, medical treatment side effect and other illnesses. Most people will think that an acne break out is their worst nightmare, but actually, facial rashes can be worse than this.

If you are sick and tired of having a red, bumpy and itchy face, then you should get rid of the rashes growing on it. There are many things that you can do to remove rash on your face. It can be easily cured using simple home remedies and professional advices. Here are some helpful tips if you want to get rid of rashes on face.

Wash your face

Rashes on your face may just be a temporary allergic reaction. If it is just a onetime attack, washing your face with mild, anti-bacterial facial wash can do the trick. First, wash with warm water so that the pores will open up. Then, lather some anti-bacterial facial wash on your face. Be sure that your skin is tolerant to the soap that you are using. Rinse the soap with cold water so that the pores will close. Remember to keep your face clean but do not over clean it. Too much washing can remove the natural oils in your face which is essential for keeping your face moist.

Apply ice on your face

Ice can help alleviate your rash symptoms. If you are dying because of too much itchiness, you can just get a few ice cubes and apply them all over your face. The cool temperature of the ice can help soothe the itch and irritation that you are feeling. Whenever you feel the need to scratch your face because of those nasty rashes, just get some ice and rub your face with it.

Do not scratch

Rashes are very itchy so the tendency is you will scratch your face whenever the itch attacks. But whatever happens, do not scratch your face. Scratching your face with rashes will just irritate your skin some more, and it may even make rashes multiply at a faster right. When your face is burning because of those unwanted rashes, simply apply ice as mentioned above.

Use anti-rash cream and ointment

Creams and ointments that can help treat rashes are readily available in pharmacies and beauty stores. Just ask for a topical hydrocortisone cream or ointment that can aid in removing those rashes on your face. Anti-rash creams and symptoms will alleviate the irritation and inflammation that you are suffering because of rashes.

Get a medical prescription

There are some medicines for rashes that you can buy over-the-counter. Just ask the pharmacist for a medicine that can help reduce your rashes. But in order to be guaranteed about your safety, you can ask first for a medical prescription from a real health advisor.

Consult a doctor

Being a common skin infection, rash is not considered to be too serious. However, rash can appear because of an underlying, more serious disease. So if you have tried a lot of home remedies to get rid of rashes on your face and yet they just stay, you should consult a doctor already to get a professional treatment.

  1. mia Said,

    i have this very bad itchy red bumpy rash on my forehead cheek and eyelid it burns and i missed school today,am i supposd to keep it wet or let it dry out i need help and fast!

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