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How To Get Rid Of Raspberry Bushes

Raspberry is a natural fruit-bearing plant that is pretty easy to grow. In fact, there are times when you do not really have to plant them because they grow everywhere and they propagate by themselves. A lot of people like to plant fine raspberries because they are a lot of things that can be made out of this fruit. But, the joy that it can bring to a homeowner is short-lived. If not properly maintained, raspberry bushes will grow and overtake your whole lawn.

Raspberry plants only need sunlight and a little moisture for them to survive. This means that even if you do not really cultivate your soil, raspberry plants can grow and develop by themselves. When not controlled and monitored, raspberry plants can make your lawn become untidy and messy. So if you have excessive raspberry plants in your home that you want to remove, here are some things you can do in order to get rid of raspberry bushes.

Pick the fruits

Before you get rid of raspberry bushes, you might want to pick their ripe fruits first. Although those bushes may be undesirable, raspberry fruits are delicious and you can turn them into yummy treats. So before you cut down and uproot those raspberry plants in your lawn, pick the raspberries first and place them in a clean container. After you have knocked down those raspberry bushes, you can eat these fruits for your snack.

Cut the shrubs

After you have picked the raspberries, you can now cut down the shrubs. Just take a pair of gardening scissors or sharp knife, and then cut the raspberry plants. Just leave a few inches of the raspberry so that you will know where you can dig up the roots. Once you have cut up the raspberry stems, place them in a plastic bag.

Take out the roots

Raspberries have a complicated root structure. You have to be extra careful when removing the roots from the ground in order to avoid breaking their system and leaving root bits on the soil, which may cause another raspberry break out. When removing the roots, get a shovel and simply dig around the raspberry plants. Dig about 6 inches below the ground to ensure that you are able to get the whole root system of the raspberry shrubs. Place these roots on the plastic bag as well.

Simply place the raspberry remnants beside your garbage can and wait for the garbage truck to get them. Do not just throw away the plastic bags containing the roots and stems.

Mow the lawn

If some raspberries still sprout on your lawn, just keep on mowing the garden regularly. If you do not give the raspberries enough time to be exposed to their resources, such as sunlight and water, they will not be able to grow and propagate. So keep your lawn clean and maintained properly.

Use herbicides

To avoid further infestation of unwanted plants like raspberry shrubs, you can treat your lawn with herbicides. There are herbicides that you can use to kill the raspberry shrubs and another type to prevent them from coming back. Ask the local gardener about the proper ways on how to administer the use of herbicides. Do not just treat your garden without knowing the right procedures on how to use herbicides as you will be risking your lawn and other plants in your garden as well.

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