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How To Get Rid Of Rats In The Attic

Do you have pest borders in your house? Do you constantly get bothered by rat activities happening in your attic? One of the most common hideouts of rats inside your home is the attic. This is because the attic is a place that is not frequently visited and cleaned. It is also dark and a bit colder in the attic that is why rats feel safe and secure inside this area. If ignored, those rats in your attic will reproduce and create a more troublesome family of rats.

When rats find their way in your attic, they can become more bothersome than usual. This is because those rats will not just live inside the attic itself, they will destroy the structure of your home and wirings as well because those rats love to chew and gnaw at almost everything. If you want to prevent rats from making your attic their long-term nest, then you should try different methods to keep them away as soon as possible. To help you get rid of rats in the attic, here are some simple methods that you can do.

Proper garbage disposal

Rats love filthy garbage. If you want them to stay away from your home, you should properly dispose your garbage. Follow the waste segregation program for a better environment. Separate biodegradable products from non-biodegradable ones. This will not just help you get rid of pest infestation, but you will also be able to promote your environment’s cleanliness. If you leave your garbage exposed and readily accessible, rats will be attracted to your place, making them visit your home frequently, or worse, they will permanently live with you.

Clean your attic

If rats have already made your attic their hideout, then you should clean up your attic. This may take a lot of time and effort but it will be worth it afterwards. While cleaning your attic, you might also be able to discover those rats that linger around the attic. You can then manually catch these rats and dispose them off.

Set up traps

There are many traps that you can use to catch rats. You can choose from snap traps, cage traps and glue board traps. Each kind has its own pros and cons.

Snap Traps

Snap traps may be very effective and they can instantly kill a rat once it has been caught. Once you have heard a snapping sound from your attic, immediately check it to see any dead rats. Although snap traps are effective, they are a bit inhumane.

Glue board traps

A glue board trap is another alternative to snap traps. However, the use of glue board traps is not too advisable because it has a lower success rate. Once a rat runs over the glue board, he can easily escape from it. Plus, if you are using glue board traps, you need to check your attic every now and then to see if the trap has caught rats.

Cage traps

If you cannot stand killing animals, then you can opt to use cage traps. Cage traps merely capture rats so you have to keep them in check regularly.

Use poison

There are chemicals that can poison and kill rats. You can actually get a rat poison at almost any home depot. However, the use of poisonous chemicals is highly regulated in most areas because it is harmful for human health.

Call for rat control services

If there are loads of rats housing in your attic, you should call rat control services.

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