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How To Get Rid Of Rattles In Trunk

Sunday driving is all about finding inner peace on the road when someone is exhausted from work. If you are at work from Monday to Saturday, you probably would like nothing more than a quiet and relaxing drive through scenic routes that can give you a relaxing sight. A rejuvenating road trip could be done alone, with family, or that special someone. Nothing beats quality time especially when you know you deserved it.

When driving around, interruptions are always unwanted. Unfortunately, in most cases there will always be interruptions. It could be a call from work, or an emergency at home that would take away your precious time. But let’s set that aside and look at a disruptive problem: the car. For those who have yet to invest to their private transportation and still have to put up with your old automobile, car problems occur very often. In fact, even with brand new cars, problems will still be present. One common problem that happens to new and old cars is trunk rattles.

Search where the rattle is coming from

Nothing destroys a quiet drive more than a rattle in the trunk. While curiosity will try to find out what is making that noise, other half of the brain will try to solve it right away. But before you go gung-ho and start banging your trunk, hoping the noise will go away, see what is causing the noise so you can take appropriate measures. Trunk rattle is usually caused by a deteriorated seal on any part of your trunk, may it be the lid or the inner lining that seals against the trunk lid. Deteriorated seal causes vibrations that doesn’t only cause vibrations but also morphs the structural integrity of your vehicle as a whole. It isn’t anything to fear as it can be harmless depending on severity, but a Sunday drive with crickety clank in the back of your ears may be enough to ruin your quiet and peaceful day off.

Inspect your trunk

Inspect your trunk for its water drain valleys and also the trunk lid. This is basically a search and scout step. What you’re looking for are deteriorated parts of your trunk. Though it only says to check the water drain valleys and trunk lid because it’s where the deterioration is most commonly found, it is wise to check all over your whole trunk for any sign of deterioration before it’s too late.

Clean your trunk

Use the all purpose cleaner in the trunk valley and the underside of the trunk lid. You may also want to spray the stuff to any part of the trunk that touches the entire frame of your car. Cleanse these parts and make sure no dirt is left behind.

Use urethane molding

Urethane molding should be applied to the underside of the trunk lid, drainage valley, or any part you see with deterioration or signs of seal damage. Make sure you cover every area or the corrosion will just spread all over again. Allow the urethane molding to dry completely, then close the trunk, and take your vehicle for a test drive. If all is well, there should be no more rattling to be heard and you can again enjoy a quiet drive in the open road. The urethane molding and all purpose cleaner can be found in your local auto shop or hardware store.

Call a mechanic

If you cannot solve your trunk rattle problem, you can just take your car to the mechanic.

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