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How To Get Rid Of Razor Burns

If you shave regularly, you might have experienced getting razor burns. Razor burns, also known as razor bumps, are those round, little reddish lumps on the skin that usually have ingrown hair. Razor burns occurs mainly because of improper method of shaving and poor quality razor and shaving creams.

Razor burns are quite painful and irritating. If you have acquired razor burns after shaving, you should not just ignore those tiny bumps. Razor burns, although not as serious as other skin conditions, can become worse if not treated properly. The good news is that razor burns are pretty easy to treat and to be prevented. So if you are tired of having those annoying, painful, raised skin, here are some things you can do to get rid of razor burns.

Do not shave

If you currently have razor burns, then do not shave anymore. When you get razor burns, the skin will be elevated and may even get wounded, so do not shave anymore because you may just end up cutting yourself. Wait for a few days to weeks until your razor burns heal.

Take note that you should not be shaving more than twice a week because your skin will get coarser if constantly shaved by a razor.

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation will help remove dead skin cells and germs that have clogged up your pores. If your pores are prone to clogging up, you are at risk of getting razor burns when you shave. So if you want to have a cleaner and soft skin, you should exfoliate every now and then. Use mild exfoliating wash that has salicylic acid because this is most effective in removing dead skin cells and treating razor burns.

Do not use the exfoliating soap directly on the razor burns because that will be painful. Instead, simply rub your wash around the area that you shaved. Moreover, do not exfoliate frequently as too much exfoliation will take away natural moisture and dry up your skin.

Rub ice on the razor burns

There are times that you will experience throbbing and pain on the skin area that has razor burns. What you can do to treat this inflammation is to rub ice on it. The cold temperature of the ice will temporarily numb your skin, making you feel relieved from the pain caused by razor burns.

Apply Aloe Vera extract

Aloe Vera has a lot of natural benefits. It has the ability to soothe your skin. If you have razor bumps, you can simply get some Aloe Vera extract and apply it on your skin. If you cannot find any fresh Aloe Vera plant, you can buy Aloe Vera creams from health and beauty shops. The contents of the Aloe Vera cream or extract will help speed up the healing time of your razor burns.

Use clean and sanitized razors

Dirty razors contain a lot of bacteria that can cause skin infection. Razors are actually designed to be used only once or twice. If you keep on using the same razor over time, you will be at risk of getting skin infection and diseases like razor burns. So always use clean and sanitized products when shaving.

Rub vaseline

What you’re going to want to do is grab a dry washcloth and dab a little bit of vaseline on the area.  Proceed to rub the vaseline on the burn.  While it’s going to burn for a few seconds, you’re going to want to get a colder wash cloth and proceed to place it over the burn.  Allow it to sit on the burn for a few minutes.  After this, you’ll take some soap, rub it and proceed to do this for the next few days.

Consider a lotion

There are many lotions, as well as soaps that are designed to help with razor burns.  What you’re going to want to make sure that is that you find a lotion that doesn’t contain any type of alcohol.  If it has alcohol in the lotion, it will irritate the burn even further.  For example, a popular brand such as the Neutrogena Men Razor Defense retails for $17 to $27.

Consult a dermatologist

Razor burns should go away in a short span of time. If your razor burns continue on bothering you for more than a week, you must consult a dermatologist to have proper diagnosis.

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