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How To Get Rid Of Read Only In Word

Are you trying to open a word document file on Microsoft Word? Are you able to read the contents but when you try to edit the content, you cannot make the changes that you want to do? Well, read only files on MS Word are actually files that have been saved under the read only attribute. When this is turned on, you cannot edit anything that you have typed on a word document that has already been saved. Simply speaking, this attribute disables the writing option to be used on a document; hence, read only files are only for reading.

When you have opened a document that has previously been saved and you find out that is just a read only file, then you might encounter some annoying problems. What if the document is for a shared project? You need to add some writings because the presentation is almost due and yet, you cannot make changes on the document? Sounds like a big disaster, right? Well, when you encounter a read only file that needs editing, do not jump in frustration just yet. There are actually some simple things that you can do to get rid of read only on Word and edit the contents inside it. If you need to access a read only file but do not know how to, here are some tweaks that you can do to get rid of read only in Word.

Locate and open the file

Of course, the first thing that you need to do in order to convert a read only file is to locate it. Open your browser and search for the file name of the word document. Click on the file that you need to fix. Let it open on MS Word and then do the next step.

Modify security

After you have opened the file, the next thing you can do is to go to Microsoft Word menu bar. Find the Preferences option and open it. On the Preferences, look for the Security Tab. See if there is a password required to modify. If there is, enter the password. If you were the one who set it up, then most definitely, you know the password to put. But if it is a friend who set it up, kindly ask your friend for the password so you can edit the document.

Unprotect document

With the read only document opened on MS Word, you can just go to the Tools menu on the menu bar. Under this, look for a field saying Unprotect Document, and choose it.

Change the properties

To change the attribute of the file using Properties, just go to the location of the file on your computer. Then, right click on the file icon. Look for the Properties. A new window will appear. Just search for the Read Only field under the Attributes. If the file is read only, this will be checked, so just uncheck it to gain access to the file.

Change ownership and permissions

You can also change the attributes of the read only file even if the document is closed. Just open My Computer, and using the search tool, type the file name or go to the location of the document. Command click the file icon and use the Get Info command. A new window will open. Just find and change the triangle beside Ownership and Permissions at the bottom of the new window.

What worked for you?

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