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How To Get Rid Of Recluse Spiders

Spiders are common insects. They can be found almost everywhere, including your very own house. Even though they are common, most people do not really regard spiders as annoying as other house pests. In fact, they even help in killing other more unwanted pests such as flies. However, not all spiders are quite neutral. Some of them are harmful as well. In America, there are two common dangerous spiders that often invade houses, and one of them is the recluse spider.

Removing recluse spider can be a bit hard. This is mainly because recluse spiders are very dangerous and have deadly venom. Once you get bitten by a recluse spider, the bite will start to decay right away. And if it is not treated as soon as possible, the venom will just spread and cause even more damage. This threat brought about by recluse spiders can only be prevented if you get rid of the recluse spiders themselves. And in order to do that, here are some tips that you might find useful in getting rid of recluse spiders.

Check their lair

Recluse spiders actually do not show themselves a lot. They prefer hiding, hence their name. Recluse spiders love to linger around dark and dry areas like closets, piles of furnishings and boxes, underside of beds and other furniture, basement and garages. If you suspect that there are recluse spiders living with you, then go through these areas in your home and check for their possible lair.

Spray insecticide

When you have pinpointed where the recluse spiders are living, then you can try to use insecticide on the area where they are staying at. Simply get one of the best insecticides from the market. Follow the directions on how to use it. Usually, you will just need to spray it around the area where the recluse spiders are. Then, close the area so that the insecticide will stay and work there for a long time. When the recluse spiders suffocate from the chemicals, they will die.

However, note that one thing about recluse spiders is that they can adjust their metabolism. They can stop for a while until the chemicals dissipate that is why, sometimes, they outlast the insecticide spray.

Set out traps

Because insecticides do not work too well with recluse spiders, then you can just opt to set out traps to get those recluse spiders. There are many traps that you can easily set up like glue boards. You can just place glue boards around the area where the recluse spiders are. At least once a day, check the traps to see if you have caught recluse spiders. If you have, then dispose them away in a safe place.

Spray deodorizer

Recluse spiders hate the smell of lemon, orange and eucalyptus. So if you want them to go away, you can start giving them what they do not want. Get a deodorizer that is scented with lemon or eucalyptus, and then spray this around the area where the recluse spiders live. The more often you spray, the more alert the spiders will become and they might even opt to go and find a new place to live at.

Call exterminator

Recluse spiders are not the friendliest insects out there. If your house got invaded by recluse spiders and you cannot manage them, then you can call an insect exterminator to remove them for you.

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