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How To Get Rid Of Redroot Pigweed

Redroot pigweed is a common kind of Amaranth weed. This type of weed is actually widespread all over North America. The redroot pigweed creates lots of tiny black seeds that are actually edible, but because of the hard shell of the seed, it is not very common to eat. In fact, when the animals consume these black seeds from the redroot pigweed, they can even pick up some toxic wastes. Redroot pigweed is an invasive plant. Once they start to grow in a certain lot, they will rapidly spread all over the area. Because of this, they pose as a threat to other plants that grow there. So if you spot some redroot pigweed growth in your lawn, you should get rid of it right away. While they are easy to pull out when they are still small, they can be very tough to remove once they have fully grown.

If you are maintaining a beautiful lawn, redroot pigweed can be one of your enemies. As long as they are present in your lawn, you can be guaranteed that your plants will not grow well. This redroot pigweed can easily colonize one area and kill other weaker plants. So in order to save your lawn, treatment for these redroot pigweeds must be done as soon as possible. In order to help you get rid of redroot pigweed, here are some tips and tricks that you can do.

Pull them one by one

If the redroot pigweed is still small, then you can just pull them one by one. During early morning, go out to your garden and just pull them straight out of the soil. Usually, when redroot pigweeds are just starting to grow, they are still pretty easy to remove from the soil. You can also ask a friend to help you pick up the weeds if it seems too much for you. Place all the redroot pigweed that you have pulled inside a garbage bag that you should then dispose properly.

Also remember, when dealing with weeds, always wear safety gloves.

Use a hoe to kill them

While the redroot pigweed is still young, you can use a hoe to kill them. Just cut and till the weeds using a hoe. This will prevent them from seeding. If there are already seed stalks, then just use garden scissors to cut them, and then, throw away in a safe place away from the neighborhood, or burn them.

Dig them up

For redroot pigweed that has already grown, you can use shovel or spade to remove them from the soil. A mature redroot pigweed plant has a long root system that you need to remove fully from the soil. Manually pulling them up might cause the taproot to break so before you pick them from the ground, use a shovel or spade to dig around the weed growth first.

Use organic herbicide

If the redroot pigweed has already spread around your lot, then you can try to treat your lawn with organic herbicide. Herbicides that are based on clove oil or acetic acid are known to be effective in killing redroot pigweed. They work best in killing little redroot pigweed plants.

If you cannot find this kind of herbicide, you can try boiling some gallons of water and pouring them directly to the redroot pigweed.

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