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How To Get Rid Of Refrigerator Odors

The refrigerator is one of the most useful appliances at home. It is responsible for keeping the foods properly stored. It makes liquid beverages cool and refreshing, it maintains the freshness of fruits, vegetables and meats, and it also prevents them from spoiling. However, because of the many types of foods that come and go inside the refrigerator, it might develop some nasty smell overtime, especially if it is not cleaned frequently. When this happens, you should take prompt action and remove the unwanted smell coming from the refrigerator. This might be caused by bacteria that have stuck on your food and even molds inside the refrigerator.

Removing the refrigerator odors is actually easy. You just need to spend about an hour of cleaning up the whole appliance. Although it may cost you some time, you should not forego cleaning up your refrigerator. Remember, the foods stored in there are the foods that you serve to your household. If you do not want you and your family’s health to be put into risk, you should get rid of refrigerator odors right away. To help you accomplish that task, here are some helpful things that you can do.

Remove all the goods inside your refrigerator

The first thing that you need to do is remove all the goods inside your refrigerator. Simply get a cooler or borrow a small freezer from a friend where you can temporarily store the foods inside your refrigerator. Transfer everything into another safe container while you clean the bad smell from your refrigerator.

Remove all the shelves and drawers

Once every piece of food has been removed, you can now remove the shelves and drawers of the fridge. You will have to clean up these sections of your fridge. Place them in your sink and boil some water. Mix the hot water with some bleach-based cleaner. Use this to wash the shelves and drawers. Use gloves and rag or scrub to clean the shelves and drawers thoroughly. If there are molds, sprinkle them with lots of baking soda and let it sit for about ten minutes. Then, scrub again with the hot water and bleach solution. After you have finished scrubbing the shelves and drawers, wipe them dry with a piece of cloth.

Spray with bleach and vinegar

Once you have finished cleaning up the sections of the fridge, you can now clean up the refrigerator itself. One good cleaning solution that can kill molds and bacteria and remove the refrigerator odors is bleach-vinegar solution. Simply mix equal parts of vinegar and water, and then add about half part of chlorine bleach. Transfer this into a spray bottle. Using this solution, spray all over the insides of the refrigerator. Do not forget the sides, crevices and even undersides. Let the solution sit for about 5 to ten minutes.

Scrub and wipe

After the solution has set it, scrub the area using a sponge or a soft-bristled brush. Be sure to clean up every side and even the cracks inside the refrigerator. These little spaces are actually good in hiding unwanted odors. Once everything has been cleaned, use a damp cloth to wipe the refrigerator clean.

Replace the drawers, shelves and foods

Now that you have removed the unwanted smell of the refrigerator, you can no replace the drawers and shelves. Then, sort out the foods inside the fridge as well.

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