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How To Get Rid Of Repeats In iTunes

iTunes is one of the most popular music players programs today. It is associated with infamous Apple gadgets. If you have an iPod, iPhone or iPad, then you probably have iTunes as well. This program is responsible for syncing music, videos and other apps from your computer to your iPod, iPhone or iPad. Most of the people who have Apple gadgets love music, and they use iTunes to sort out their media files. But sometimes, because of too much media files saved on iTunes, a user can encounter repeated files saved on this media player program. While this is no major problem, repeat files on iTunes can take some space from your computer. Plus, it can also become a cause of traffic in your music organizer. Thus, if you have repeat files on iTunes, it might be a great idea to get rid of them.

There are two methods that you can follow to get rid of repeat files on iTunes. One method is an automatic detection by setting up your iTunes to detect and give you a quick list of media files that has been repeated in your music library, and the other is fixing the problem by manually deleting repeat files. In order to keep your iTunes music library cleaned and organized, here are things that you can do to get rid of repeats in iTunes.

Look for the duplicates

If you are going to manually remove repeated songs on your music library, all you have to do is to open your iTunes program. Once it has opened, look for the “Music Tab”. Under the “File” menu, look for “Display Duplicates”. A list of repeated files will come up. Just select the files that you want to be removed among the list and then press right click on your mouse and choose delete, or simply hit the “Delete” button on your keyboard. A new window will appear asking for confirmation if you want to remove the file. Just click and confirm and the file will be deleted.

Manually removing repeat files on iTunes can be a time consuming task especially if you have a lot of media files. Plus, one careless click and you may delete the wrong file. TO delete many files at once, make use of hotkeys instead of the mouse pointer when deleting.

Download duplicate remover

If you want iTunes to automatically detect and delete repeat files on your music library, you can try to install programs that are designed to automatically remove duplicate files on iTunes. One of the leading programs for this is the Rinse. You can just download and install this program to your computer.

Duplicate remover for iTunes is becoming more and more popular because it is able to delete repeat files at a fast and efficient rate.

Run the program

After you have successfully installed it, you can now run the program to check and remove repeat files. Just launch the program that you have installed and select the parameters and locations where you want the program to search. Next, find the button similar to “Find Duplicates”. Click this button and then just wait for the program to finish its process. Once it has finished finding repeats, you can now fix the duplicate media files. Just choose the repeated files and remove them from your library.

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