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How To Get Rid Of Ripples In Carpet

Any room will become more warm and welcoming when there is a carpet around. But not only does it add this homey feel, it also brightens up the whole room. When a carpet is installed in a room, it is stretched out on a large portion of the room. The more flat and fitted on the ground, the more neat it looks. However, because carpet is usually being walked on, sat at and the like, it is inevitable for it to get rippled. When this happens, the carpet will look a bit deformed, thus, instead of serving as a decoration to a room, it will become the very thing that lessens its beauty.  So if you have a carpet in your home, it is best to stretch it out and get rid of ripples in carpet.

If you are facing a messed up carpet, worry not because it is pretty easy to fix these unwanted ripples. You can just flatten up the area for a quick fix or remove and replace the whole carpet to stretch it out all at once. You can also do your own way of stretching the carpet. However, for a really neat and safe way to remove the ripple in a carpet, you can follow these useful tips.

Flatten it out

If the ripple is just a small wrinkle, then you can simply flatten it out with your hands, or use a rolling pin if you are afraid of the dust all over your carpet. With your hand, simply press across the wrinkle, like you would do when making your bed. With the rolling pin, simply put pressure on it and roll it across the wrinkle until it’s gone. If the wrinkle is just pushed and still appears, then press further until you reach the edge. This method is just useful if the carpet in your home is not glued to the ground.

Use a carpet knee kicker

Carpet knee kickers are devices that are designed to position and lay out the carpeting in your home, but it can also be used as a remedy for stretching up the carpet. This is most handy if you are dealing with more stubborn ripples.  First, release the carpet from the tack strip. Then, starting with one edge of the carpet, position the carpet knee kicker and push it along the carpet area by kicking the cushion with your knee. Do this repeatedly all across the carpeting until you get the desired result.

Once you have finished stretching, if there is excess carpet that hits your wall, you can just cut it out. Stick back the carpet to the tack strip.

Use a carpet power stretcher

If the knee kicker did not work to well, then use a carpet power stretcher. This is the device that is really meant for stretching up carpets. You can either borrow it from someone you know or rent it from the home depot. Remove the tacks again and hook the power stretcher to the tack strip. From then, run the stretcher across the carpet to flatten out the ripples. Be sure to let the teeth of the device be dug on the carpet and secure the lock in place. Just continue the process until the whole carpet has been laid out properly. Secure the tack strips again.

Call a professional

If you cannot manage fixing the ripples in carpet, you can ask a carpet professional to help you do the job.

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