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How to Get Rid of Rolly Polly Bugs

When we hear the word invaders, we immediately picture a race of alien species arriving at earth’s doorstep ready to fire their lasers and whatnot. Truth is, there are smaller scale invasions that are happening right at the very doorstep of our houses. We may not be aware that our home has been invaded by different creatures such as bugs, among them rolly polly bugs.

Rolly polly bugs look more like a crustacean rather than a bug due to their appearance of having a shell. They feed on decaying matter such as the food in your trash bin, making a competition out of maggots. They even feed on decaying plants and animals as well as several types of fungi. Rolly polly bugs just doesn’t invade your house for food, most of the time they seek shelter from cold weather.

You don’t need anti defense missile systems to take care of your rolly polly invaders. What you need to do are simple steps that can effectively prevent rolly pollies bugs from entering your house. There are a number of ways that you can do to get rid of them or prevent them entrance to your premises. Here are some of those procedures:

Check your house for moisture levels

Rolly polly bugs need sustenance and since they are crustaceans than actual bugs, they have gills and would need water to survive. Chances are if there are high moisture levels in your house, you can guarantee that it is inhabited by these creatures. The space between walls is a perfect place for rolly polly bugs to inhabit since when it’s damp. Even before noticing any signs of invasion, you should regularly check your house’s moisture levels. You can do this by using a moisture meter.

Seal off entrances

Sine rolly polly bugs often look for shelter during the cold weather, they could end up sharing your house with you. They are pretty small creatures that can fit in cracks or crevices and since they mostly come from the outside, they may end up going through your wall as the main point of entry. Check your external walls for cracks and seal them off immediately. Inside the house, make sure that all cracks have been dealt with as well since they may crawl through it when looking for food.

Food sources should go away

No one leaves spoiled and decaying food inside the house. Not only they smell terrible, they also invite all sorts of creepy crawlers for a buffet as well. Decaying food attracts rolly polly bugs and you should dispose of decaying matters immediately. If you have a trash can outside the house, it would be best to make sure that they are well covered so as not to invite rolly polly bugs around your property.

Exterminators as last resort

If you have an infestation of rolly polly bugs in your house and you feel that they swarm inside the walls. You can hire professional exterminators to do the job for you. Exterminators will be able to penetrate through tough spots without causing damage to your property. Walls, cracks and crevices will be checked and their breeding ground is not safe from the hands of a skillful exterminator.

Rolly polly bugs usually just spends the winter or fall season at your property and would usually go away during the spring. But if you can’t accept the fact that they live with you, you should do the necessary steps to make them go away immediately.   To find a low-cost exterminator in your local area, consider using services such as that allow you to compare providers in your area.

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