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How to Get Rid of Roundworm in Dogs

There are several kinds of parasites that lurk almost everywhere. The bad part is that parasites live off of another living being known as their host. These parasites eat the nutrients that should have been rightfully distributed to the hosts’ body. Once this happens the host gets weak, sick and there is also the chance that they can die from complications as well. One of the most common parasites is worms and most of them live inside their hosts.

Roundworms specifically are a type of parasite that can thrive on soils and they are considered to be adaptable in every imaginable ecosystem from marine to fresh water. The bad news is that they can live inside a living body as well. Roundworms in dogs are a common problem since dogs are curious animals that would feed on almost anything that catches their attention.

If your pet shows signs that they have roundworms, you need to take care of this immediately for several reasons. First, it is priority to maintain the healthiness of your dog; second, you need to get rid of roundworms since they can spread to other living beings; from other pets to humans. Here are some of the things that you can do as treatment for roundworm in dogs:

Take them to a veterinarian

Dogs that are showing symptoms of having roundworms should see a veterinarian the soonest time possible. Like humans, dogs should have the privilege of getting medical care; aside from this, it is better to guarantee what ailment they have rather than taking chances of self medicating the condition.

Veterinarians will be able to assess through several tests what the ailment of the dog really is since the symptoms of having roundworms can be the same as other types of illnesses. Also, vets will be able to provide the appropriate medication needed to get rid of roundworms. The first step to having your dogs checked for roundworms is by bringing fecal specimen to the vet.

Get rid of infected food source

Dogs are very curious and they would almost try to feed on anything that sparks their interests. There are times that dogs would even feed on smaller animals such as rats or mouse and these animals can be infected by roundworms. Once your dog ingests these animals, they will become hosts to them as well.

In order to minimize or totally remove the risk of your dog acquiring roundworm through this way, you would have to eliminate smaller animals from living in your property. You can place traps in your house that will surely catch the animals for your dogs’ safety.

Have them avoid fecal matter

As previously mentioned, dogs can get curious and when they are in a public location, there is the tendency of them eating fecal matter of other animals that are infected by roundworms. When you bring your dogs outside, make sure that they are kept on a leash and watch where they go.

Have them take de-worming medications

If your dog eventually gets roundworms, have them take medication for de-worming. Make sure that the medicines are prescribed by doctors though to ensure the safety of the dog and to avoid over dosage. Medicines such as pyrantel pamoate are one of the best medicines available to get rid of ringworms. Once you have given them medication, be prepared to dispose of the stool properly to avoid the spread of roundworms through fecal matter eaten by other animals.

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