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How To Get Rid Of Sap On Clothes

Do you have clothes that have tree sap stains? If you recently took a relaxing walk at the meadow or at the garden and you accidentally leaned on a wounded tree or sat on a bench with saps, your clothes will most likely get stained. Children playing and climbing trees can also easily acquire tree saps on their clothes. Tree saps will cling on almost everything that they had contact with, most especially on fabrics, that is why they can become bothersome.

Tree saps, while not very common, can be challenging to get rid of. They are not like any other stain on your clothes because they have components that are hard to remove. Tree sap stains are actually like adhesive stains and their removal is almost the same. If you are battling with sap stains on your favorite clothes, here are some things you can do to get rid of sap on clothes.

Scrape it off

If the tree sap stain has turned into solid, you should scrape it off first before proceeding to use cleaning agents. Simply get a spoon and use it to remove the solid particles from your cloth. Once you have finished scraping the area, then you can use different cleaners like the following:

Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is one of the most convenient cleaners for sap on clothes. The more concentrated the alcohol is, the faster it will work. Simply squirt some rubbing alcohol on the stained area. You might need to re-apply the rubbing alcohol every now and then, or, simply get a small bowl and fill it with rubbing alcohol then dip the stained area into it. Let the rubbing alcohol sit for about half an hour on the stained area. If the sap is still fresh, it will instantly go away and you can rinse your clothes once the tree sap has been cleaned.

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer works like alcohol as well. Just apply the hand sanitizer liberally over the stained area. Leave it to react with the sap for a few minutes. Keep your cloth checked every now and then to see if you need to re-apply the hand sanitizer and do it if you must.

Oil and butter

When dealing with tree sap stains, the number one thing you need is to lubricate the area. That is why using oil and even butter can help remove the tree sap stain. You can use regular cooking oil or baby oil to remove the stain. Just rub the oil or butter gently on over the area with sap stains until the tree sap becomes less and less visible.

Hand lotion

Hand lotion is also a lubricating agent. Using your fingers, apply the hand lotion on your cloth to remove the tree sap. Apply it in circular motions and leave the hand lotion on the stained area for a few minutes more. If the stain has not fully come off yet, you can re-apply some more lotion until the tree sap stain has been removed.

WD-40, kerosene, paint thinner

These chemicals contain oil that can help remove the tree sap from the clothing. However, the use of WD-40, kerosene and paint thinner is not too advisable since it can be dangerous if not handle properly. Nevertheless, they can also make those sap stains go away.

Wash your clothes

After the sap stain has been lifted from the cloth, wash it using mild detergent and clean water.

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