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How To Get Rid Of Scratches On Car

Do you have a car that you take care of like your own family? Had this car of yours recently got involved in an accident and it got scratched? If so, then you might be feeling so furious about whatever scratched your car. Cars are very precious to their owners. If you are a car owner who will do everything just to keep your car’s good looks, even just a tiny scratch will leave you mad. But what exactly can you do to hide these scratches?

Some people will just convince themselves to get over the fact that their car has been scratched and they just wait until they have enough money to get a new paint job. The thing is that painting your car anew is not just the only to get rid of scratches on your car. Indeed, there are simpler and cheaper methods that you can follow to remove car scratches. Here are some tips and tweaks that you can do to get rid of scratches on car.

Determine the condition of the scratch

Small scratches should be approached differently from deep scratches. So before you proceed to do any remedies, you should determine first how severe the scratch is. Moreover, you should distinguish if it is really a scratch or just a mark. If it’s just a mark, then some cleaning up and adhesive remover or lacquer thinner should work.

Hide the scratch with paint

If the scratch is just small and shallow, you can simply paint over the scratched area. Just wash the scratched area with soapy water to get rid of dirt that may interfere with your paint. Dry the area afterwards. Using very fine sandpaper, gently sand down the area until it becomes smooth. Be careful not to sand the next layer of your paint job! Once you have finished sanding, dust off any residue then prepare to paint over the area.

First, mark the area with masking time. Put the masking tape around the area so that the scratch is separated. Then, get the paint with the exact color as your car. Do not use other paint of just “the same color” because you may end up with an ugly patch. If you are not sure which paint to get, you can make a call to the shop where you bought your car. Next, once you already have the right paint, using a soft brush, paint over the scratched area. You can also use spray paint.

Use body compound

For deeper scratches, you need to use body compound, do some sanding and paint over the area. So first, you should clean up the area with soap and water as well. After the area has dried, apply body compound using a putty knife. You can get this product at almost every home improvement or auto shop. Leave the compound for a while until it hardens. When it is already hard enough, you can now start sanding. Using fine-grained sandpaper, sand the area so until it comes flat and in level with the rest of the car surface. Then, brush off any dust.

Once you have concealed the depth of the scratch, you are now ready to fix the paint job. Before applying paint, use primer first. Just apply it on the area and leave it to dry overnight. The next day, paint the area with the same paint color and type as the rest of your car. Let it dry then apply wax to have that shiny new look.

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