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How To Get Rid Of Seaweeds In A Pond

Is your pond being taken over by unwanted seaweeds? Is the area around your little pond filled with green seaweed? Do you want them gone as soon as possible? Well, getting rid of seaweed in a pond might be a bit hard to do. This is mainly because it is harder to remove unwanted plants underwater than those weeds on the land’s surface. SO how do you get rid of those unwanted seaweeds?

There are actually several methods that you can do to get rid of seaweeds in a pond. Some of them require minimum effort, while some need to be administered using special tools. Be mindful that seaweed is actually a form of algae that do not really have roots. This very fact makes it even more difficult to remove. Seaweeds will grow and continue to grow as long as there is water, regardless if it is fresh or salt water. Once you have removed the seaweeds, you can never be too sure that your pond will stay seaweed-less for a long time. Here are some things that you can do to get rid of seaweeds in a pond.

Keep the water moving

Seaweeds thrive on areas where there is less water tension. So if you want that seaweed to keep away from your pond, you should install devices that can help keep the water moving. Some of these aeration devices are artificial waterfall, aerator or fountain. While you might end to use some cash to get these devices, it will be worth it in the long run.

Plant more trees

If there are many trees around your pond, it will be able to cash shadows on the water. If the sunlight barely hits the pond water, then those seaweeds will not be able to survive for long, because they need light to multiply. Moreover, plants may also encourage movement of the water. When those tree leaves absorb the air, the water is kept moving too. So start planting more trees around your pond to minimize seaweed growth.

Get other aquatic plants

Aside from planting more trees around the pond, you can also add aquatic plants in the pond. These aquatic plants will get the nutrients that that seaweed absorbs, enabling the aquatic plants to grow and the seaweeds to die. Adding some floating plants on your pond can also help. Some of your best choices are water lilies and water lettuces that can also cover up your pond’s base and limit the sunlight that those seaweeds need.

Add some seaweed-eating fishes to your pond

If you want that seaweed gone, adding some fishes that eat seaweeds can be a great option for you. Of course, when you add fishes that eat seaweeds, they will feast on these plants so you do not have to worry about this unwanted growth anymore. You can get fishes like grass carp. Not only will you be able to remove those seaweeds in your pond, but you will also have a better, more alive fish pond.

Call for algae control services

If the number of seaweeds around is just too much for you to handle, then you can resort to calling people who administer algae control services. You will have to pay them some cash to remove the seaweeds in your pond but at least, you can get rid of those unwanted plants.

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