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How To Get Rid Of Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Do you have a pet dog that is very dear to you? Does it seem like when you are both at home, everything is fine, but once you step out of the door to go to office or school, the circumstances change? If your dog always throws tantrums like barking like crazy, pacing, scratching the floor and other fixtures or simply just acts like he does not want you to leave, then your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety. Separation anxiety in dogs is actually quite common. Of course, these pets are very loyal to their owner that is why they want to be wherever their masters are. But sometimes, their actions are not necessary and they can even bring trouble. If you always get tired of trying to escape your dog whenever you need to go out, then it is time to get rid of separation anxiety in dogs.

Separation anxiety in dogs is a tricky disorder to cure, especially if your dog is not really well trained. However, it is not impossible to correct this action of your pet. All you have to do is to take time in enforcing discipline to your pet dog. Here are some simple ways that you can do to get rid of separation anxiety in dogs.

Keep your dog entertained

One f the basic steps that you can do in treating your dog’s separation anxiety is to keep him entertained and teach him to stay lively even if you are leaving. Of course, a dog who enjoys his playtime would most likely want to just continue playing instead of barking at you when you are leaving. When you are at home, keep your dog active by introducing to him different game exercises like Frisbee. When you are going away try to throw a ball inside your house and when your dog goes to fetch it, simply shut the door and you can proceed to where you are going.

Also, if your dog is active, he will most likely get tired after too much playing so when you have to leave, he will not have the energy to come to you.

Introduce your dog to other people

If your dog is only accustomed to seeing you, then he may become too clingy. So a great thing to do is to introduce your dogs to other people. Whenever you are free, take your dog for a walk around the neighborhood and try to make your dog be familiar with the faces around. So if you have an important matter to attend to and your dog just do not want you to go away, you can ask your friend or neighbor to take your dog for a walk in the park so you will not be stuck with him.

Try to act indifferent

When you always say goodbye to your dog if you need to leave, he might throw a fit. Furthermore, if you always get elated and hug him when you come home, he will get excited as well. A good thing to try is to just act indifferent when you go out and come home. This will show him that it is really not a big deal.

Make your dog feel secured

Most of the dogs who have separation anxiety do not feel much secured when their owners are away. SO train your dog to become agile. Also, train him to stay at his own dog house when you are away. Give him lots of treat so that his mind will be taken off of you whenever you leave.

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