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How To Get Rid Of Shakes After Drinking

Drinking can be fun. It can take away the stress that you feel and give you the relaxing time you need. However, drinking too much may give you an even stressful time than a good time. Excessive drinking may cause you to get intoxicated that may lead to hangover the time you wake up the next day. When you suffer from hangover, you might get a lot of unwanted symptoms like headache, dizziness and sometimes, shakiness.

Shakes after drinking is quite difficult to deal with. It is most often associated with dehydration and weakening of the body due to consumption of too much alcohol. If you want to get rid of shakes after drinking, you should get rid of the hangover all in all. Here are some tips that you can follow to cure your hangover and shakes after drinking.

Consume healthy sugar

Health professionals say that drinking too much alcohol can mess up the blood sugar. It most often results to a drop in your blood sugar level, and when this happens, your body might feel weak and quite shaky. So if you want to bring back the energy in your body, you need to consume healthy sugar to regulate your blood sugar level.

Drink tea with honey

Tea and honey is a great and healthy drink. It is recommended for curing lots of diseases and even hangover. So if your head aches and you feel a bit shaky, you can just boil some fresh herbal tea and add about two teaspoons of raw honey for every cup. The tea will help clean out your digestive system while the honey can improve your blood sugar level. Its warmth is also just plain soothing and relaxing, that is why this drink is perfect in curing hangover.

Increase water intake

When you consume too much alcohol, you will become dehydrated because when you consume alcohol, you will most likely take more frequent trips to the comfort room and flush out fluids from your body. This dehydration can further lead to many unwanted sickening feeling. So if you want to bring back the proper circulation of fluids in your body system, drink lots of water.

Munch on some dark chocolate

While chocolate is not really a very beneficial food, there are times when you can satisfy your cravings for it without feeling guilty. When you have hangover and your sugar level is down, you can get a bar of dark chocolate and munch on it. This will give your body the sugar that it needs and its sweetness might also help treat your headache or dizziness. However, you should buy chocolate, preferably dark chocolate, that has a good brand because they use higher quality of cocoa and sugar.

Get rest

As much as possible, you should try to get a rest and relax if you are experiencing a hangover. If your body feels weak, you can just go to your room, and get some sleep. When you wake up, there will be a big possibility that your body will gain back the energy you have lost. You will be able to have a better control of your system, thus, the shakiness of your body will stop.

Take some medicine

If you think that your hangover is really bad, you can opt to take some medicine. Just take a trip down the pharmacy and ask for OTC medicine that you can take to get rid of your hangover.

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