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How To Get Rid Of Shedding On Dogs

Furry and fluffy dogs are very cute and adorable. They are ideal household pets because they are fun to be with. When you are lonely, you can just get your dog, stroke its hair or hug it and you can instantly feel comfortable. But unfortunately, these dogs are not always as helpful as they should be. Sometimes, they also bring a nuisance to your home. For example, when your dog starts to shed, you will encounter fallen hair all over the place and you might have a hard time getting rid of it. Of course, you can try to vacuum your place everyday just to get rid of the fallen hair, but it might become exhausting overtime. So if you want to encounter less dog hair in your place, you should treat your dog and stop it from shedding hair.

Dog shedding occurs when your dog’s coat cells start to die. Of course, when this happens, the hair will fall out from its skin. Shedding is actually a natural occurrence and every day, it is okay for your dog to shed out about 100 strands of hair as it just means that more new hair will sprout on your dog’s skin. However, dog shedding can be really plain annoying. So if you want to lessen the annoyance brought about by this occurrence, here are some things you can do to get rid of shedding on dogs.

Observe your pet’s hygiene

One of the reasons why your pet dog might be shedding is because it does not receive the proper hygiene it needs. Remember, dogs with thicker coat should be given more thorough maintenance. At least every two weeks, you should give your dog a refreshing bath. And after you bathe it, always brush its fur. This will keep your dog’s hair in great condition so you will see less shedding. Also, whenever you bathe your dog, always use high quality dog products.

Feed your pet healthy foods

Like humans, what animals eat is also being reflected by their physique. So if your dog eats healthy foods, then it will have a great physical condition. Likewise, if you do not feed your dog appropriate food, then its health may be put to risk and it will acquire different abnormalities such as shedding. SO if you want your dog to be happy and healthy, give him high quality foods that are nutritious.

Give it vitamins

Dogs need vitamins as well. Aside from feeding your pet the right food, it is a good idea to give him supplementary vitamins as well. If your dog sheds hair a lot, you should give it dog fatty acid-based or protein-based supplement. Healthy fatty acids and protein both make your dog’s coat more beautiful.

Check up your dog every now and then

Dogs are very susceptible to getting different diseases. Because it likes to play and get dirty, it can easily acquire allergies and unwanted fleas. When this happens, your dog’s coat and hair will be in danger. Not only will it start to shed, your dog might even acquire skin wounds and lesions. So every now and then, remember to check up your dog to see if it is being bothered by unwanted parasites.

Go to the veterinarian

If your dog is losing too much hair, then you should go to the veterinarian and have your pet checked up. It might already be showing signs of underlying illness. So to be safe than sorry, take a trip to the vet immediately and ask for help.

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