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How To Get Rid Of Shedding Skin

Does your skin feel dry and quite scaly? DO you sometimes see little patches and flakes that are detaching from your skin? If you experience these things, then you might be starting to shed some skin. Shedding of the skin is actually just a natural body mechanism. This happens because your skin cells have already gotten and old and it is time to regenerate some new cells. However, even though there is nothing wrong with occasional shedding, the process itself might make your skin look unpleasant. So if you want to keep your skin flawless, then you should get rid of shedding skin.

Shedding skin will actually remove itself to make way for new skin cells. Nevertheless, if you wait for a dead layer of your skin to go away, it might take a while. So if you cannot stand having scaling and chapped skin, then you should do some treatments to try and speed up skin shedding and to prevent excessive shedding of the skin in the future. Here are some things that you might find helpful if you want to maintain a clear and smooth skin.

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating your skin will speed up the shedding and quicken the development of new skin cells. You can get exfoliating products in the health and beauty shop such as facial and body scrubs. When buying commercial; exfoliating products, be sure to get the high quality ones.  You can also create your own exfoliating treatment using mashed up fruits and oatmeal. Just apply the treatment to your skin. Rub and scrub it all over your body to remove chapped skin and then rinse with clean water. Apply moisturizing lotion afterwards.

Refresh and moisturize

If you have recently gone out to the beach, the skin shedding you are experiencing might be caused by sunburn. In this case, all you have to do is to refresh your skin and keep it moisturized. Every day, treat yourself to a cool bath instead of hot showers. Afterwards, put on some moisturizers. This will keep your skin hydrated so the chapping and scaling will be reduced.

Visit the dermatologist

Shedding skin is natural. It really does happen every now and then. But if it is accompanied by itchiness, redness and appearance of lesions, then you need to visit the dermatologist as it might be a symptom of an underlying skin disease. There are several skin diseases that are associated with the shedding of the skin. Some of the most common ones are psoriasis, eczema and ichthyosis. So if you want to confirm whether you are undergoing a natural skin shedding or if you already have a skin disease, visit the dermatologist and ask for help.

Follow a skin-nourishing regimen

If you have a healthy skin, then you will not encounter skin shedding a lot. So if you do not want your skin to undergo that natural process, you should follow a skin regimen that promotes the health of your skin. Every day, remember to take a bath and use mild, antibacterial and nourishing soap. You should also pay particular attention to your face and neck. Always moisturize with some mild lotion after taking a bath and wear sun block if you need to go out and the sun is at its peak. Treating yourself to the day spa about once a month for some skin treatments will also help in nourishing your skin.

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