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How To Get Rid Of Sheet Marks On Face

Do you often see marks on your face whenever you woke up? DO you end up freaking out because there are these red lines on your face when you faced the mirror after a long night sleep? Usually people would be exhausted to move about at night after a day’s worth of activities. This is true for people who work all the time during the day. If you have just spent the whole day at work, you will probably experience that sluggish feeling come night time and all you want to do is to sink on your bed. Because of exhaustion, in most cases, people wake up in the morning with a number of things in their body. Although you will feel energized come morning time, you might also wake up to other unwanted things like lines and marks on your face.

Sleep marks is an irksome thing to look at especially when you just woke up. When you sleep, you are bound to realize you have these marks as soon as you wake up in the morning after you hit the sack. But do not worry just yet. These are just sheet marks. They will disappear after a while. Sheet marks are caused by prolonged contact of ruffled bed sheets or pillow sheets on your skin. Because of this, it leaves marks in the shape of the wrinkles on your bed. Sleep marks or sheet marks do not really harm your health, but it is quite unpleasant to look at. SO if you ended up waking up with sheet marks on your face, here are some things you can do to get rid of them.

Tenderize your face

When you wake up, you can tenderize your face to loosen up those muscles. You just need your two useful hands in doing this. Simply slap your face lightly. Although it might seem silly, the purpose of this is to let your blood circulate, thus getting rid of the wrinkles. Also, this will help your skin to become firmer so you will not get too much marks on your face the next time. Be careful not to slap hard because they may form and aggravate the red marks instead.

Wash your face

Splashing your face with cold water will also help. If possible, ice water is much more effective. The purpose is the same as the first one: stimulating blood flow. This will cause more blood to pump in your face thus removing sleep marks.

Apply moisturizer

Moisturizer works well with sheet marks. Massage your face using a facial moisturizer. This will help hydrate and plump up your skin. Moisturizer can also make your skin more elastic so you can get rid of the sheet marks, and even get a brighter, glowing skin.

Drink lots of water

To further promote skin hydration, drink eight ounces of water every day. This will help your skin and body well hydrated and it can also help reduce face lines and make them less noticeable.

Change your bed sheet and pillow case

If possible, use a satin bed sheet and pillow case. Remember that your pillow also determines how bad your sleep marks are. Satin pillow cases are less likely to wrinkle which means that you will not get too many sheet marks. So if you have some extra cash, you can invest on higher quality bed sheets and pillow cases.

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